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  • From the Field The Laboratory was recently granted permission to study the cemetery at Phaleron — one of the most significant necropoleis in Attica during the Archaic Period.
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Wiener Laboratory

The Malcolm H. Wiener Laboratory for Archaeological Science of the ASCSA is an active research department dedicated to archaeological science in Greece. The lab provides both American and international scholars of archaeological science in the eastern Mediterranean and adjacent areas the tools and resources to answer a variety of scientfically-based questions mainly in the fields of bioarchaeology, geoarchaeology, paleobotany, and zooarchaeology (see vision, mission and philosophy).

The director of the Wiener Laboratory is Dr. Panagiotis Karkanas (CV). Dimitris Michailidis is Laboratory Coordinator. The lab provides variety of fellowships (see fellows and grants) as well as facilities for independent research, and it offers research assistance to scholars who cannot physically travel to the laboratory. The lab's present post-doc is Dr. Calla McNammee. Educational outreach is offered via seminars, a regular lecture series, research publications and workshops.

The Wiener Laboratory News

Archaeodiet in the Greek World Published

Archaeodiet in the Greek World: Dietary Reconstruction from Stable Isotope Analysis, edited by Anastasia Papathanasiou, Michael P. Richards, and Sherry C. Fox, is now published and available for sale.

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The 2015 – 2016 Academic Year Malcolm H. Wiener Laboratory Fellows Projects

The Malcolm H. Wiener Laboratory Committee awarded five new fellowships for the 2015- 2016 academic year. Dr. McNamee (Post-Doctoral Research Fellow) is on her second year of her project entitled: “Starches and Grains: Reconstructing Subsistence in Mainland Greece through the Bronze Age.”

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ASCSA Student Associate Member, Marie-Philippine Montagné

Ms Marie-Philippine Montagné (University of Aix- Marseille, France) made use of the Malcolm H. Wiener Laboratory facilities for her study on use-wear analysis of obsidian and flint Bronze Age tools.

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