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International Field School on Archaeological Science in Ancient Corinth

The week-long course entitled Field School on Archaeological Science in Ancient Corinth is offered by the Malcolm H. Wiener Laboratory for Archaeological Science (ASCSA), in collaboration with the Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, and the ASCSA Excavations at Ancient Corinth. Registered students will participate in the Corinth excavation where they will be exposed to interdisciplinary research that involves archaeology and the natural sciences, in the field. The students will experience interactive work that combines excavation and analysis of materials using an on-site laboratory. The course will emphasize the inter-connection between research question, the archaeological context and the laboratory analysis, and includes fieldwork, laboratory work, and lectures. Between 6 and 9 students will be accepted for the course. Preference is given to advanced students and post-docs with a background in both archaeology and natural sciences. The Field School will provide board and lodging, but travel costs are not included.

The course takes place for a week from June 6 to 11. Applications should include one paragraph explaining why you are interested in participating in this course, CV, list of grades and two names and email addresses of referees. The application should be sent no later than 30th March to

Course supervisors and their fields of expertise:

• Dr Panagiotis Karkanas (ASCSA): macro and microstratigraphy, site formation processes
• Prof. Steve Weiner (WIS): mineralogical analyses, site formation processes
• Dr Elisabetta Boaretto (WIS): radiocarbon dating, materials analysis, stratigraphy

Textbook: Microarchaeology 2010 by Stephen Weiner (Cambridge University Press)


Highlights from the 2016 Field School, held in Ancient Corinth

Nine students participated in the very successful 2016 Field School where the three course supervisors (Dr. P. Karkanas, ASCSA; Prof. S. Weiner, Weizmann Institute; Dr. E. Boaretto, Weizmann Institute) exposed them to interdisciplinary research that involves archaeology and the natural sciences, in the field. Dr. Guy Sanders, Director of Corinth excavations, ASCSA lead the team to all relevant excavation areas and provided the necessary background and research questions. The participants were the following:

Hanan Charaf, PhD
Catherine Klesner, MSc
Robert Stein, MSc student
Nicol Anastassatou, BSc
Marta Lorenzon, PhD student
Ekaterina Sevastakis, PhD student
Christina Hildebrandt, MSc
Nathan Jankowsky, PhD
Eleana Ilade, graduate Student


Prof. Weiner discussing with (from left to right) Ms. Ilade, Dr. Charaf, Ms. Hildebrandt, Dr. Jankowsky and Dr. Karkanas the stratigraphy of the section at the background.


Dr. Karkanas, Prof. Weiner and some participants in front of the FTIR. From left to right, Dr. Charaf, Mr. Stein, Ms. Hildebrandt, Dr. Karkanas, Prof. Weiner, Dr. Jankowsky and Ms. Klesner.


Prof. Weiner, Dr. Boaretto, Dr. Karkanas and some participants recording the temperature around an experimental fire. From left to right: Prof. Weiner, Ms. Klesner, Dr. Jankowsky, Dr. E. Boaretto, Dr. Karkanas and Ms. Sevastakis.