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Videos of Lectures and Open Meetings at the School: 2008 through Spring 2010

Lectures below are listed in order of presentation date, starting with the most recent. All videos run approximately 45–75 minutes.

Open Meeting of the Work of the School

March 12, 2010
Speakers: Jack L. Davis (Director, ASCSA) and Stella Miller-Collett (Whitehead Professor, ASCSA)

Byzantine Constantinople: Visualizing a City in Transition

March 2, 2010
Walton Lecture, Gennadius Library
Speaker: Robert Ousterhout (University of Pennsylvania)

The Afterlives of Classical Temples in Attica

February 9, 2010
Director’s Lecture Series
Speaker: Margaret M. Miles, Mellon Professor, ASCSA

The Ancient World: Putting the Greeks in Their Place

December 15, 2009
ASCSA Trustees Lecture
Speaker: Ian Morris (Stanford University)

The Myth of the Generation of the 30’s
(in Greek)

December 08, 2009
Cotsen Lecture Series
Speaker: Dimitri Tziovas (University of Birmingham)

The Oracle Sanctuary of Apollon at Abai (Kalapodi): New Excavations

November 24, 2009
Director’s Lecture Series
Speaker: Wolf Niemeier (German Archaeological Institute at Athens)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Industrial Religion: Ritual Pyres at the Athenian Agora

November 10, 2009
Director’s Lecture Series
Speaker: Susan Rotroff (Washington University, St. Louis)

The Byzantine World of Petra: The Churches and Papyrus Scrolls

October 20, 2009
Director’s Lecture Series
Speaker: Barbara Porter (American Center of Oriental Research, Amman)

Πρόσφατες Μαρτυρίες για τη Μινωική Εγκατάσταση στα Χανιά
“Recent Evidence for the Minoan Colony in Chania”

(in Greek)

October 06, 2009
Director’s Lecture Series
Speaker: Maria Vlazaki (Ephor of West Crete and Acting Director of Antiquities)

Out of Africa and into Eurasia: An Eastern Mediterranean Perspective

May 26, 2009
Director’s Lecture Series and Wiener Laboratory Lecture
Speaker: Katerina Harvati (Max Planck Institute)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Greece and its Northern Neighbors from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age: Molossis, Illyria and Corinthians

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Director’s Lecture Series
John Papadopoulos (University of California, Los Angeles)

Part 1:

Part 2:

In Pursuit of Pan Across the Mediterranean

April 28, 2009
Director’s Lecture Series
Speaker: Rebecca Ammerman (Colgate University)

Open Meeting of the Work of the School

March 13, 2009
Speakers: Jack L. Davis (Director, ASCSA) and Thomas Brogan (Director, INSTAP Study Center in East Crete)

The Archaeology of Agriculture, Industry and Trade in the Late Ottoman Aegean

February 24, 2009
Director’s Lecture Series
Speaker: Harriet Blitzer (Buffalo State College)

The Parthenon Sculptures and Periklean Policies

February 3, 2009
Director’‘s Lecture Series
Speaker: Jenifer Neils (Case Western Reserve University)

A Medieval Jewelry Treasure from Halkis in Context

January 27, 2009
Cotsen Lecture Series
Speakers: Bet McLeod (Curator, Department of Prehistory and Europe, British Museum), Eugenia Gerousi (Director of the 23rd Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities) and Maria Georgopoulou (Director, the Gennadius Library)

A River Runs Through It: The Vorotan Project, Southern Armenia

January 20, 2009
Trustees Lecture
Speaker: Susan Alcock (Brown University)

Alexandria in the Age of Augustus: The View from Cleopatra’s Palace (via Green Mummifiers)

November 18, 2008
Director’s Lecture Series
Speaker: Peter van Minnen (University of Cincinnati)

Digital Records, Digital Documents and Digital Archives: The Past, the Present and the Future

November 4, 2008
Annual Archives Lecture
Speaker: Anne J. Gilliland (UCLA)

A Middle Byzantine Neighborhood in the Agora

May 7, 2008
Symposium held in honor of Professor Cyril Mango, hosted by the Gennadius Library
Speaker: Anne McCabe (Oxford University)