The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Summer session group at the Sanctuary of Aphrodite. Photo: Emil Penarubia

Application to the ASCSA Summer Sessions


The Summer Sessions of the ASCSA are an intensive introduction to Greece from antiquity through the modern period.  The individuals selected for this program are normally graduate and advanced undergraduate students and high school and college teachers with clear evidence of interest in the Classical world as well as academic preparation in this area.  The program emphasizes the topography and monuments of Greece in their historical context, the interpretation of literature and historical writings, and how ancient sources may be used to interpret archaeological discoveries.

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Detailed information on the Summer Session Program is found under the Programs section of the website, which includes a listing of scholarships available.

Application to the Summer Sessions

Admission to the Summer Sessions is granted on the basis of academic performance and letters of recommendation. We strongly encourage you to review the sample application below before filling out the online application form. Please understand that the application form you will be completing CANNOT BE SAVED while you are filling it out. In other words, you cannot begin a form and return to it at a later time. We would advise you to prepare the items on the checklist before beginning the application process. The sample application form has been provided for you to review the questions and procedures involved for attaching additional application material. By preparing this ahead of time, you can complete your online application in one sitting.

Download the sample application form (PDF).

• Submit the application form online by January 30, 2016.
• At the end of the application you will be prompted to print or save a copy of it for your file.
• Application fee of $25. You will be automatically directed to the PayPal website to make your payment when you submit the online form. Payment will be accepted by credit card, e-check, or bank transfer. Further instructions are provided on the online application.
• Names and contact information for three individuals who would be willing to provide recommendation letters.
• Applicants for School scholarships must review the program material on the website to learn about the requirements.
• High school teachers and college professors should be prepared to attach a copy of their curriculum vitae (saved as
  doc, docx, or pdf) to the application form.
• Student applicants are required to submit undergraduate and graduate transcripts, scanned from the originals issued to the candidate in legible pdf format, as part of the online application. Please be sure to name the file "LastnameTranscripts.pdf" (e.g. SmithTranscripts.pdf)
• Recommendation forms will automatically appear after submitting the application. Fill out and send to your
  recommenders. Recommendations are due January 30 and submitted online at

The link below will direct you to a “Gateway” form. By filling out this form, you will be indicating the type of ASCSA membership for which you are applying. After submitting this form, you will be directed to the appropriate application.