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  • From the Field The conservation team, Nicol Anastassatou, Charis Delis and Spyros Armenis, continues their work on the Agonotheteion mosaic with enthusiasm made possible by a generous grant from the Stockman Family Foundation. They are now in the process of removing the mortar substratum, into which the tesserae were set initially, from each of the pieces of the mosaic.
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Admissions FAQs

This page is designed to help you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about admission to the academic programs of The American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Please click on the links below to get to the page where this topic is addressed—these are your fastest pathways to a helpful answer.

Q: Where is the American School?

See Map

Q: Can I get a room at the American School in Athens?

See Loring Hall Policies

Q: I need the contact information for a staff member of the School.

See Staff Directory

Q: I am a professor who would like to perform research at the School, how do I apply?

See Senior Associate Membership

Q: I am looking for funding for my education.

In order to apply for a funding at the American School, you must plan to study in Athens and apply for Regular, Student Associate, or Senior Associate Membership.
See Fellowships
See Memberships

Q: I am a graduate student, how do I apply for membership?

See Memberships

Q: I am a graduate student who would like to perform research at the School. What do I need to do?

See Student Associate Membership

Q: I am an undergrad student interested in the Classics. Can I apply? 

In general, the American School programs are for graduate students and post-graduates. The Summer Sessions program does accept applications from advanced undergraduate students.
See Summer Sessions

Q: How much will it cost to come to the American School?

See Fees and Expenses

Q: I am very interested in archaeology and want to dig in Greece. Is there another program for me?

See the Agora Excavations Volunteer program

Q: I want to go to Greece this summer for a study program.

See Summer Sessions
See Medieval Greek Summer Session at the Gennadius Library