The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
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  • From the Field Jenifer Neils, the Elsie B. Smith Professor in the Liberal Arts in the Department of Classics at Case Western Reserve University, is the next Director of the American School, beginning July 2017. An internationally renowned scholar in classics and art history, her work on the Parthenon has earned her the reputation as one of the world’s most established authorities on the monument. Prof. Neils shares here her perspectives on the School, Hellenic studies, and Greece as she prepares for the post.
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Application for Associate Membership with Fellowship

Those Eligible:

Scholars or advanced graduate students in classical and ancient Mediterranean studies or related fields who have a specific project that requires extended residence in Greece. Candidates for Associate Membership should clearly state their specific reasons for wanting to work at the School.

The Program:
Generally Associate Members pursue independent research although they may also participate in the activities of the Regular Program when space allows.  Associate Membership obligates one to payment of School fees for the time the member is resident in Greece. Additional information about Associate Membership.
Download bulletin (pdf)

Several are available. Click here for a listing of fellowships.

Application: Link to Associate Membership, Fellowship.

Either predoctoral or postdoctoral candidates applying for Associate Membership in conjunction with a fellowship
Returning ASCSA members applying for advanced fellowships

Download the Student Associate Member and fellowship sample application form (PDF).

Download the Senior Associate Member and fellowship sample application form (PDF).


  • Review the program material for each fellowship to learn about the requirements for the application. Only one application form for Associate Membership is needed to apply for one or more fellowship programs.
  • Submit the application form online by January 15.
  • Fulbright applicants, submit the application form online by October 11. Send request for a letter of affiliation to the Interim Administrative Assistant to the Director of the School, Ms. Stacey Leondi. Enclose the Fulbright project description, curriculum vitae, and letter of support from applicant's advisor.
  • If deadline of January 15 is different than the fellowship program deadline, follow the deadline of the fellowship program.
  • Pre-doctoral candidates must order official transcripts for undergraduate and graduate study. Scan the original transcripts issued to the applicant in a legible pdf format and upload as part of the online application.
  • Check to see if the fellowship program requires a transcript.

             - If official electronic transcripts are offered by the Registrar, send to

             - Current School Members who are returning may wish to update graduate school transcript.

  • Names and contact information individuals who would be willing to write recommendation letters. You may wish to send your recommenders the Recommendation Form in advance. Fill out and send to the recommenders. Recommendation forms will also automatically appear after submitting the application. ASCSA website link: Gateway for Recommenders.
  • Follow requirements of fellowship program to determine the number of recommendations to submit.

           - Student Associate Membership applicants are required to provide three names and letters.
           (One must be from your dissertation advisor or the Chair of the Graduate Program of your home institution.)

           - Returning students who are ASCSA members during the current academic year must submit only
           a recommendation from your dissertation advisor or the Chair of the Graduate Program, except for cases where
           the fellowship program requires a different number of recommendations.

           - Senior Associate Membership applicants must provide the names of recommenders as required by
           fellowship program.

  • Fulbright applicants must include the Project Description (saved as a doc, docx or pdf) from the Fulbright application.
  • Be prepared to submit a project description (saved as a doc, docx or pdf).
  • Be prepared to submit curriculum vitae (saved as a doc, docx or pdf) if required by the fellowship program.

Please understand that the application form you will be completing CANNOT BE SAVED while you are filling it out. In other words, you cannot begin a form and return to it at a later time. We would advise you to prepare the items on the checklist before beginning the application process. The sample application form has been provided for you to review the questions and procedures involved for attaching additional application material. By preparing this ahead of time, you can complete your online application in one sitting. At the end of the application you will be prompted to print or save a copy of it for your file.