The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Permit Availability

The availability of permits will be announced at meetings of the Managing Committee and posted on the ASCSA website approximately two years in advance of projected fieldwork and proposals will be considered only as permits become available. All proposals for excavation and survey work in Greece, including synergasia, should be discussed first with the Director of the School and the Chair of the Excavation and Survey Committee. Completed proposals then must be sent to the Chair of the Excavation and Survey Committee 18 months before such work is to take place and no later than November 30.

After approval by the committee, excavation and survey directors will submit a permit application to the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) by October 15 in the year prior to the beginning of the project and the School will then apply to The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports on behalf of the applicant(s) and associated cooperating institution(s). The deadline for submitting applications to the Ministry is November 30.

There follows a list of projects that have been approved by the Excavation and Survey Committee for the years 2005 onward.

List of Current Permits


Excavations and Surveys

(Note: the Athenian Agora receives a special permit each year, in addition to the 3 available)

2005 Corinth, Azoria, Galatas
2006 Corinth, Azoria, Galatas
2007 Corinth, Korphos, Galatas,
2008 Corinth, Korphos, Plakias
2009 Corinth, Korphos, Plakias
2010 Corinth, Gournia, Nemea
2011 Corinth, Gournia, Nemea
2012 Corinth, Gournia, Nemea
2013 Corinth, Gournia, Azoria
2014 Corinth, Gournia, Azoria
2015 Corinth, Azoria, Pylos
2016 Corinth, Azoria, Pylos
2017 Corinth, Azoria, Pylos
2018 Corinth, Pylos, Samothrace
2019 Corinth, Pylos, Samothrace
2020 Corinth, Samothrace, 1 permit available
2021 Corinth, Samothrace, 1 permit available
2022 Corinth, Samothrace, 1 permit available


2005 Grevena, Mitrou, Mochlos
2006 Grevena, Mitrou, Lykaion
2007 Kenchreai, Mitrou, Lykaion
2008 Kenchreai, Mitrou, Lykaion
2009 Kenchreai, Lykaion, Mochlos
2010 Mochlos, Lykaion, Kopaïs
2011 Kopaïs, Thebes, Damnoni
2012 Kopaïs, Thebes, Mochlos
2013 Thebes, Damnoni, Stryme
2014 Thebes, Stryme, Methone
2015 Thebes, Stryme, Methone
2016 Methone, Mt. Lykaion, Lechaion Harbor
2017 Methone, Mt. Lykaion, Lechaion Harbor
2018 Mt. Lykaion, Lechaion Harbor, Megalopolis Paleoenvironmental Project
2019 Mt. Lykaion, Megalopolis Paleoenvironmental Project, Stryme
2020 Mt. Lykaion, Megalopolis Paleoenvironmental Project, Stryme
2021 Megalopolis Paleoenvironmental Project, Stryme, 1 permit available
2022 Megalopolis Paleoenvironmental Project, 2 permits available

Historical list of ASCSA Permits.