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  • From the Field The ASCSA's libraries (Blegen, Gennadius and the Wiener Laboratory) are undergoing a major reclassification project for their collections following the Library of Congress system of call numbers. Live updates will be posted here as well as on the Facebook pages of the School.
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Irini Solomonidi attended a course on the study of incunabula at the Institut d’histoire du livre in Lyon

In July 2016 the Senior Librarian of the Gennadius Library, Irini Solomonidi, spent a week at the Institut d’histoire du livre in Lyon where she attended a course on the study of incunabula by Dr. Kristian Jensen, Head of Collections and Curation at the British Library. The course focused on the history of production of incunabula through recognizing and carefully interpreting the evidence with which the books as physical objects present us. This by implication also provided some tools for recognizing books which have later been “improved” or even faked. By presenting the most important catalogues of incunabula in the historical context of their creation, the seminar emphasized their intended aims, as well as their strengths and weaknesses for specific current research purposes. The course also focused on illustration, lay-out and texts; and on the relationship between the various phases of production of incunabula and their end-users. Practical first hands-on sessions involving real incunabula where held at the rare book and incunabula section of the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon.