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Upcoming Events

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37th Annual Walton Lecture

April 24, 2018 7.00pm

ASCSA, Cotsen Hall, 9 Anapiron Polemou, 106 76 Athens


Presented by

The Gennadius Library


Dr. Scot McKendrick, Head of Western Heritage Collections, British Library

210-72.10.536 (ext. 301)

Dr. Scot McKendrick will deliver a lecture entitled "English Collectors of Greek Manuscripts at the British Library: Lord Guilford and Anthony Askew"

Dr Scot McKendrick is Head of Western Heritage Collections at the British Library, where he has charge of manuscripts, archives, rare books, music and maps. He joined the Library in 1986 after reading Greats at Oxford and undertaking postgraduate research at the Courtauld Institute of Art. During his career at the Library he has served as Head of Western Manuscripts and Head of History and Classics. He is the author of numerous publications on manuscripts. His most recent book, jointly authored with Kathleen Doyle, is The Art of the Bible: Illuminated Manuscripts from the Medieval World (Thames and Hudson, 2016).

His lecture: Amongst other important Greek manuscripts collected by English antiquarians and collectors, Dr. McKendrick will be discussing the Golden Canon Tables (Add MS 5111/1), the Askew Thucydides (Egerton 2625) and other treasures. However if you cannot attend and are interested in hearing more about British collectors of Greek manuscripts please visit.

*** The lecture has been added to our Digital Archive. Please click HERE to watch the lecture video or click on the play button bellow.