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  • From the Field We are proud to announce that during the months of August, September and October 2017, the research collections of the Gennadius Library were tagged with RFID security tags and the books, including the periodicals of the “Dory Papastratou Reading Room,” were moved to new mobile shelving in the new Ioannis Makriyannis Wing, which will be officially inaugurated in June 2018.
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Upcoming Events

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Art Night Athens

September 23, 2017 8.00pm

The Gennadius Library

Tours of the Gennadius Library & Concert in the Gardens

Presented by

The Gennadius Library & Atenistas (Αθηναίοι στην πράξη)

Maria Smali, 210-72.10.536 (ext. 101)

A great artistic event involving public and private cultural institutions and artists.

On Saturday September 23, the group “Atenistas” invite Athenians to wander in the city from 8 p.m. until 6 in the morning and discover a variety of art and culture events. The idea of “Art Night” has had enormous success in major cities worldwide.

The Gennadius Library will be open to the public from 8 pm to 12 midnight with activities inside the Library and in the gardens of the Gennadius Library.

The public will have the chance to enjoy the following:

i. Screening of the documentary film of the American School of Classical Studies “Triumph over time”. ii. Interactive presentation of some of the rare books of the Library in large touch screens. iii. Exhibition of several treasures of the Gennadius Library about Lord Byron, Homer’s Iliad, Greek flora, and travelers’ books. Concert of the Choir of the Municipality of Athens in the garden of Greek and world music (8pm).

Free admission.