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  • From the Field The ASCSA's libraries (Blegen, Gennadius and the Wiener Laboratory) are undergoing a major reclassification project for their collections following the Library of Congress system of call numbers. Live updates will be posted here as well as on the Facebook pages of the School.
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Manuscripts in the Library’s collections include those dealing with: theology, including special Orthodox liturgies and treatises on Greek church music; ancient Greek and Byzantine literature; Greek grammarians; archaeology; geography and travels; history; genealogy; and Modern Greece. Here are also included some private archival collections. The first is the collection of Jean Denis Barbier du Bocage (1760-1825), a French geographer and philologist. Next is part of the collection of Frederic Francois Guillaume de Vaundroncourt (1772-1845) a baron and French General. Finally, seven items from the sale of the library of Demetrius Rhodokanakis, who laid claim to the title of Prince. There are also a number of oriental manuscripts.