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  • From the Field The ASCSA's libraries (Blegen, Gennadius and the Wiener Laboratory) are undergoing a major reclassification project for their collections following the Library of Congress system of call numbers. Live updates will be posted here as well as on the Facebook pages of the School.
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A Feast to the Eyes: Γιορτινές σελίδες από τα αρχεία της Γενναδείου Βιβλιοθήκης

Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan

Check the online version of VIMA (TO ΒΗΜΑ)  "Γιορτινές σελίδες από τα αρχεία της Γενναδείου" featuring manuscripts from the personal papers of novelists Elias Venezis, Stratis Myrivilis, Vassilis Vassilikos, poets Goerge Seferis and Kostas Varnalis, and others. A feast to the eyes!

It all started with a tour that my colleagues and I gave to "Βιβλίων Τόποι" in early December. By chance, among the documents on display were a few examples with festive content. Upon seeing them, journalist Lambrini Kouzeli suggested they form the subject of a special holiday article (αφιέρωμα) for the first Sunday of 2016. My colleagues Eleftheria Daleziou and Leda Costaki were instrumental in the successful completion of the project.