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Author Vangelis Raptopoulos Donates His Papers to the Gennadius Library

Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan

Vangelis Raptopoulos, born in 1959, is considered to be the pioneer of the “1980s generation.” He first published in 1979 (In Pieces or Κομματάκια) when he was only 20 years old, and established himself as one of Greece’s most promising authors.  His next two publications Toll Gates or Διόδια (1982) and The Cicadas or Τα τζιτζίκια completed a trilogy-team portrait of his generation. The Cicadas also came out in English.  To date Raptopoulos has published 20 books, including The Incredible Story of Pope Joan (2000), a medieval novel about the only woman in history that became a Pope [inspired by Emmanuel Rhoides’ Pope Joan (Πάπισσα Ιωάννα) written in 1866], My Own America or Η δική μου Αμερική (2002) writing about his “journey” to contemporary American pulp literature, and The Great Sand or Η μεγάλη άμμος (2007) a novel about Greece that is disappearing and changing. The Bachelor or Ο Εργένης (1993) was adapted for Greek cinema, and Toll Gates for television. His twenty-third book entitled Η υψηλή τέχνη της αποτυχίας has just been published by Ikaros Editions.

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Maria Georgopoulou, Director of the Gennadius Library, Vangelis Raptopoulos, Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan, ASCSA Archivist, and the author's perVangelis Raptopoulos with his wife and journalist Stavroula PapaspyrouA glimpse at the donated papers