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Gennadius Library acquires manuscript with eyewitness testimony of the 1826-1827 siege of Athens

Irini Solomonidi

It is an important testimony of an Athenian who came to Athens from Salamis on June 30, 1826. The author, who belongs to the class of the Elders (Δημογέροντες), describes with details each day of the siege until the first days of October, in particular the 7th of October, when General Makrygiannis was blessed after fighting heroically:  ‘’…ἐπληγώθη δέ καί ὁ Μακρογιάννης εἰς τήν κεφαλήν ἀπό πέτρας σκορπιθίσας ἀπό κτ<ί>πιμα κανονίου. Ἔναι ἐπενετός ὅμως, ὅτι και πληγωμένος ἐστάθη ἀρκετάς ὥρας, παρακινῶν καἰ ἐνθουσιάζων τούς στριατιώτας...’’

Of particular interest is also the reference to the Erechtheion, the roof of which collapsed soon after.

The manuscript found its place in the collections of the Gennadius Library complementing the collections about general Makrygiannis especially one of the four complete series of paintings illustrating episodes in the Greek War of Independence, executed for General Makriyannis by the artist Panayotis Zografos and his sons.

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