The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

ASCSA General Academic Calendar, 2016-2017

     September 9
Loring Hall opens (Regular Members
should arrive by September 11)                                                  
     September 11 (Sun)
Opening Pizza Party
     September 12-16
Orientation Week
     September 19-October 2
Trip I (West and Northern Greece: Daly)
     October 9-19
Trip II (Central Greece: Daly)
     October 25-November 4
Trip III (Deep Peloponnese: Sanders)
     November 10-20
Trip IV (Corinthia and Argolid: Wright)
     * Note

School trip schedules are subject to change


     WINTER TERM          
     November 22
Winter term begins
Mondays: Whitehead Seminar #1 (McEnroe)
Tuesdays: Morning on-site in Athens
Wednesdays: Attica day trips
Thursdays: Whitehead Seminar #2 (Liston)
Fridays: Morning on-site in Athens
     November 23-27
Thanksgiving Holiday
     November 28 (Mon) 
Whitehead Seminars begin
     December 17 (Sat)
Winter break begins (Regular Members should not 
plan to leave before this date)
     January 5-8
AIA/SCS Meetings, San Francisco CA
     January 11
Regular Members should return by this date
     January 12
Winter Term Resumes
     February 12-20
Trip V (Crete: Rogers)
     February 27 Clean Monday (ASCSA Holiday)
     March 3-5 Lokris & Euboia Trip (Daly)
     March 10
ASCSA Open Meeting
     March 16
Whitehead Seminars end
     March 17 (Fri)
Winter Term ends (Regular Members should be in
residence until this date)
     SPRING TERM             
     March (ca. 21-31)             
Optional Trip 1 (dates and destination TBA)
     April 2- April 28
     April 30-May 26
     May 28-June 24
Excavation sessions at Corinth
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
     April 14-18 Orthodox Greek Easter—ASCSA Holiday
     May 8-18
Optional Trip 2 (Sicily: Rogers)
     May 26 (Fri)
Spring Term ends/Vacate Rooms in Loring Hall
on or before May 26                                                            
     The starting and ending dates of the trips are subject to change.
  • New Summer Program
  • The American School is unveiling a new summer program for 2017: the Summer Seminars. In addition to the School’s long-running Summer Session program (one session of which is still being offered in 2017), two 18-day sessions will provide competitive students the opportunity to explore specific topics in Greece. Read this Q and A with the professors leading these seminars to find out more. (Deadline to apply is January 15!)
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  • Meet Marion Meyer, a classical archaeologist who teaches in Vienna but returns to the ASCSA every summer to continue her research on the early cult of Athena.
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  • The New Pausanias
  • Summer Session Student Matthew Cartier talks about his blog and his summer session experience.
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