The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Daniel Fallu: Geoarchaeology Fellow

Project: Geomorphology of Mycenae

Wiener Laboratory Fellow Daniel Fallu, Boston University, is attempting to examine the erosion deposits that occurred around the time of the end of the Late Bronze Age, when Mycenaean civilization was in decline and sites like Mycenae were facing disturbances.  By studying soils above the citadel, within its shadow, and down in the plain, he hopes to be able to clarify both natural and human processes that affected soil movement.  This will gain insight into the extent to which natural causes  and human agency played a role in the events that led to the decrease in settlement and change in settlement habits during and after the collapse of Mycenaean society.  The photo below shows him sawing columns of soil that he has taken for examination.  First they were impregnated in resin. Now that the resin has hardened, he is cutting them into sections.  These will be polished and examined macroscopically and microscopically in order to read the changes in soil structure that are a result of changing events of erosion and deposition.