Alumni/ae Student Center Initiative

Message from the Alumni/ae Association President

Dear Fellow Alums and Friends,

As we move towards the end of the summer, many of you have had the opportunity to experience or renew your acquaintance with the ASCSA and Loring Hall.

Loring Hall, the Annex, and West House, now referred to collectively as the “Student Center,” often form an integral part of one’s experience at the ASCSA as a place to socialize, to discuss, and to learn from peers, colleagues, and scholars.  For many of us, vivid memories of conversation over breakfast eggs, tea, ouzo, and after-dinner coffee at Loring Hall are central to our memories of the ASCSA. For this reason, the Alumni/ae Association has committed to this renovation project and voted to dedicate the annual Gift to the School for the next three years (2019-2022) to the renovation of Loring, and to contribute $20,000 towards the campaign from our general budget.  The Alumni/ae Association agreed to raise funds to name the East (Ouzo) Terrace ($75,000) and, if possible, the West Porch Colonnade ($100,000) in honor of all the Alumni/ae, both present and future.  

What does this commitment mean for you?  In addition, to paying your annual Alumni/ae Association dues ($25 regular/$10 underemployed), please consider donating something extra to assist in the fundraising campaign for this beloved project (and keep in mind, we will also be able to take dues payments and donations via credit card on a mobile device at the AIA/SCS meetings in January)! In addition, if any of you are also interested in initiating a specific class gift or would like to review other naming opportunities, please get in touch with Nancy Savaides, the ASCSA's Director of the Stewardship and Engagement, to discuss.

Join me in supporting this historic campaign and leaving a lasting legacy with the School!

• Q and A on this initiative

• Make your donation directly online

All contributions will be acknowledged in School publications, unless anonymity is preferred. Of course, the Alumni/ae Association Council will keep all of you apprised on our progress.

Thank you very much for your support and we look forward to seeing all of you again soon!

All the best,


If you would like to make a large donation for a naming opportunity, please get in touch with Elizabeth Langridge-Noti or Nancy Savaides to discuss.