Scholarships for Educators

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens has multiple scholarship oppurtunities available for teachers to attend the Summer Session and Summer Seminars. 

The Summer Session is 6-week intensive introduction to Greece from antiquity through the modern period with visits to sites across Greece. The Summer Seminars are 18-day sessions focusing on specific topics with visits to major monuments with exceptional scholars as study leaders. 

Applying for a Scholarship

Applicants must apply to the program(s) they wish to attend in order to be considered for a scholarship. 

To apply for ASCSA scholarships for the Summer Session or Summer Seminars, indicate your preferences by checking the appropriate box on the ASCSA Summer Session or Summer Seminars Application. No additional forms are required.

If you are applying for a scholarship with an outside funder, you must submit an application for the approperiate ASCSA Summer Program AND apply for the scholarship with the sponsoring organization.

Relevant scholarship opportunities are below.

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*NEW* ASCSA, Fowler Merle-Smith Summer Scholarships for High School Teachers

The Fowler Merle-Smith scholarships are for high school teachers. The scholarships are designed for teachers who wish to become acquainted with Greece and its major monuments, and to improve their understanding of the country’s landscape, history, literature, and culture from antiquity to the present. The participants will be required to submit a progress report once they return to the United States on how this program enriched their experience and curriculum back into the classroom. In addition, teachers will be encouraged to attend a professional meeting to present their experiences. Each year, three scholarships are reserved for teachers to participate in the Summer Session and an additional three scholarships are reserved for participation in the Summer Seminars (a total of 6 scholarships each summer). 

Amount: ALL FEES, as well as a $2,000 stipend to help offset the cost of international travel
Availability: Summer Session and Summer Seminars 

ASCSA, Rea Silvia Borza Scholarship

The Borza fellowship is reserved for a high school teacher in history, art, literature or some other field whose career would be enhanced by a summer’s study at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.  Preference will be given to teachers in public high schools.

Amount: $1,500
Availability: Summer Session and Summer Seminars

ASCSA, Katherine Keene Scholarship

This scholarship is endowed by Katherine Keene, a retired teacher and ASCSA Summer Sessions alumna.  It is awarded to a public high school teacher who teaches Social Studies or has shown interest in aspects of the Classics, and has been able to include that material in his/her offerings.

Amount:  ALL FEES
Availability: Summer Session and Summer Seminars

Arthur Patch McKinlay Scholarships of the American Classical League

The applicant must have been a member of the ACL for at least 3 consecutive years, including this current year and the two preceding years. ACL scholarship recipients may apply every 4 years. Amount: up to $2,000.  Deadlines: January 15 & March 15.

Download and send application to:
American Classical League
Scholarship Awards
860 NW Washington Blvd. Suite A
Hamilton, OH 45013
Tel (513) 529-7741 and

Availability: Summer Session and Summer Seminars

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David D. and Rosemary H. Coffin Fellowship for Travel in Classical Lands

Candidates for the Fellowship must have been teaching Latin or Ancient Greek at the secondary level (grades 9-12) in North America as a significant part of their academic responsibilities for three years out of the five prior to the award. Membership in the SCS is not a requirement for application, although it is expected that applicants will have demonstrated an active interest in the profession and in their own professional development. Deadline: February 28.

For more information, visit the SCS website at

Availability: Summer Session and Summer Seminars

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