Schedule for Current Year

ASCSA General Academic Calendar 


Sept. 7 (Fri.)   Loring Hall opens (Regular Members to arrive by Sept. 10)
Sept. 9 (Sun.)   Opening Pizza Party
Sept. 10-14 (Mon.-Fri.)   Orientation & Preparation
Sept. 17 (Mon.) – Sept. 30 (Sun.)    *Trip I (Western and Northern Greece: Fachard)*
Oct. 8 (Mon.) –17 (Wed.)   *Trip II (Deep Peloponnese: Neils)*
Oct. 22 (Mon.) – Nov. 2 (Fri.)   *Trip III (Central Greece: Fachard)*
Nov. 11 (Sun.)– 19 (Mon.)   *Trip IV (Crete: Rogers)*
Nov. 21–25    Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 26 (Mon.)   Athens-Attica Programming/Whitehead seminars begin
  Mondays Whitehead Seminar #1
  Tuesdays Mornings on-site in Athens
  Wednesdays   Attica day trips
  Thursdays Whitehead Seminar #2
  Fridays Mornings on-site in Athens
Saturday, Dec. 15   Winter Break Begins (Regular Members should not leave before this date)



Jan. 3 (Thur.)–6 (Sun.)

AIA/SCS Meetings, San Diego

Jan. 8 (Tue.)

Regular Members should return on or before this date

Feb. 3 (Sun.)– 13 (Wed.)

Trip V (Corinthia and Argolid: Pfaff)

Feb. 23 (Sat.) – 4 March (Mon.)

*Optional trip: Egypt*

March 8-10 (Fri.-Sun.)  

Euboea Trip (Fachard)

March 11

Clean Monday (ASCSA Holiday)

April 1-5 (Mon.-Fri.)

Delos Trip (Fachard)

April 19

ASCSA Open Meeting

Apr. 26-30

Orthodox Easter (Sunday, April 28)—ASCSA Holiday


Excavation sessions at Corinth

Friday, May 24

Vacate Rooms in Loring Hall on or before May 24

*All schedules subject to change as needed*