Covid -19 and Blegen Library Reopening


Blegen library's visiting hours are:

Monday-Friday: 09.00-21.00

Saturdays: 09.00-14.30

  • The library is currently open by appointment to visitors with a valid certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 or valid certificate of COVID-19 recovery.
  • New visitors' cards are also issued by appointment the following days and times (Monday and Thursday: 14.30-15.30; Monday and Friday: 09.00-10.00). Please visit Access and Hours for more information.
  • Visitors who wish to use Blegen library should send their requests to indicating the exact day and time they wish to come. Visits are limited to 3 times a week, but with flexibility for more days depending on the number of requests.
  • They will be admitted to the library only after an email confirmation from the library staff. Upon arrival, they should give their names to the guard and have their temperature taken.
  • Masks are mandatory at all times along with disinfection of hands once entering the library and before and after using all equipment (kiosks, scanner, public terminals).
  • Access to the stacks is allowed provided that the social distance of 1.5m is maintained.

For any questions or concerns please send an email to