Access and Library Policies

The Gennadius Library is a privately supported research and rare book library. Its special collections include manuscripts, archives, rare books and works of art. Many of its holdings are invaluable and irreplaceable. Please respect the privilege of handling these items and help us preserve the marerial in the best possible way by following the rules and regulations of the Reading Room.

The Gennadius Library is a non-circulating, closed stacks library. No book or document may leave the library.


Reading Room Regulation

All readers must follow the instructions of the desk attendants and abide by the rules and regulations of the Reading Room. Please consult the reading room rules prior to visiting the library. The reading room is reserved for the use of the library’s collections by registered researchers. All library materials must be handled with great care to ensure their safety and preservation.

Please show your library card at the guard on 54 Souidias street (across the street from the Gennadius Library) in order to gain access into the Gennadeion gardens.

Do not bring any of the following items into the library:  handbags, briefcases, bookbags, plastic bags, computer cases, food or drink of any kind.  Please note that mobile phones should be turned off if brought into the library.  Violators may have their library cards revoked.

Lockers: Lockers are available for temporary storage of these items in the anteroom to the right of the entrance of the Library. Keys may be obtained from the desk attendant inside the Reading Room.  Please use a locker only during the time you are actually in the building, and return the key when you leave. Coats must be left in the cloakroom, either locked in the closets or on hangers.

Smoking, food, and drinking are not allowed anywhere in the library.

Please avoid talking in the library.

Using the Library

Library cards: First-time readers must apply for a library card. If you have questions contact the desk attendant at:

Library privileges are personal and individual. They may not be transferred to or used on behalf of other individuals.

Due to the restricted space in the reading room and the special nature of the collections, high school students, as well as students of Technical Schools and College students enrolled in the first three years of their studies are not normally allowed to use the Library in groups.

Undergraduates who are interested in studying in the Library or to work with rare materials, manuscripts or archival collections should present a letter of introduction from their academic supervisor. an interview may be necessary for access to some materials.

Sign-in:  Readers are required to present their library card and register in the readers’ book on the desk upon entry and exit. Readers are required to collect their belongings and return the books ot the desk attendant 10 minutes before closing time.

Access and use of the Gennadeion Archives is subject to a separate set of rules and regulations.

Computers in the Library

Computers:  Laptop computers may be used in the Reading Room.

Workstations: Public terminals are installed against the East wall of the Reading Room. Readers may use flashdrives on these machines.

Research workstations are provided for library-related research and educational purposes only. No e-mail browsing is allowed. The use of library research workstations is subject to applicable laws, copyright restrictions, and license agreements.

Available online resources: From each library research workstation readers have access to the Library’s public websites, including the online catalog, and networked online resources covering numerous subject areas. Access to some resources may be limited to one or more locations; some resources may require additional authorization. Generally, these restrictions on access reflect licensing requirements to which the Library is bound.

Locating Books

The contents of the Library can be searched online at the work stations in the electronic catalog Ambrosia or at the card catalog in the Reading Room.

Please note that since 01/02/2019 the card catalog is not being updated.

Paging of Books

  • The desk attendant accepts completed and signed call slips. Upon request of the researcher, the staff retrieves materials within thirty minutes.
  • The last request for books can be placed 45 minutes before closing time.
  • The periodicals that used to be shelved in the Papastratou Reference Room have been moved and until the completion of the reorganization of the Gennadius Library, readers need to fill out call slips for all periodicals and books that they wish to study, except for those shelved in the Reading Room. We apologize in advance that the time for the delivery of books may exceed thirty minutes, and certain classes of books may not be available for consultation.
  • All study and research shall be carried on within the Library.
  • To discharge material return it to the desk attendant. Do not leave books on the reading tables.
  • Material to be used in the immediate future must be reserved at the desk.
  • Whenever a book is being used, the call slip must be returned to the desk attendant and should not be kept by the reader.
  • New book requests are not accepted in the last 45 minutes before closing time.
  • A limited number of books and only one manuscript can be brought at a time to any one reader.
  • For the study of manuscripts an interview is required.

Handling of Books and Other Material

  • Readers are not permitted to use their own books, cameras, or scanners within the library.
  • Readers are expected to use more than ordinary care in the handling of materials from the collections, bearing in mind that the majority of them are invaluable and irreplaceable.
  • Tracing from any book, manuscript, map or other material is not permitted.
  • Readers must not use fountain pens and they must refrain from touching any portion of the text or decoration.
  • Underlining and writing notes in books in pen, pencil, or highlighter is absolutely forbidden.
  • Please do not use adhesive post-it notes to mark pages because they can tear pages or lift the print.
  • Do not leave one open book stacked upon another.
  • Extra care should be used when turning the leaves of manuscripts and printed books.
  • The provided book rests, special page holders or gloves must be used for books and manuscripts when instructed by the desk attendant.
  • Under no circumstances is a reader allowed to take a book, manuscript or other material out of the room.
  • A reader may not transfer a book, manuscript or other material to anyone but a staff member of the Library and is responsible for all material signed out to him/her until this is returned to the desk attendant of the Reading Room.
  • Theft or vandalism of library books is a serious crime and will be dealt with accordingly.

Xerographic & Photographic Services

Photocopies: Copying services are available at the Library upon completion of a photocopying form. Photocopies of a book or document depend on the condition of the material. No photocopies from manuscripts, rare books as well as books published before 1900 are allowed. Whole books are not photocopied. Each copy costs € 0,20 and there is a maximum of 50 copies per day. Photocopies are one-sided and usually single sheet. Two-page photocopying may be done only if the book binding is in good condition.

Photography: Photography for personal use is permitted in the Reading Room. No professional photography services are provided by the Library.

Scanning: A small A3 scanner is available for use in the Reading Room.

For information on Permission to Publish material from the Gennadius collections please click here.