The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Burial Tumuli in the Balkans

December 09, 2017 17:00

Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece, Skaramanga Str. 4b


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Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece


A.-Z. Chemsseddoha, Ch. Kleitsas, R. Kurti, E. Agolli, M. Gori, A. Touchais, N. Papadimitriou

• A.-Z. Chemsseddoha: Tumuli in Northern Greece: an old tradition, various realities

• Ch. Kleitsas: The burial tumuli of Epirus through time and space: Not so rare after all

• R. Kurti: Recent research on tumuli from northwest Albania

• E. Agolli: Regional and intra-regional networks in late prehistoric Illyria: choices of architecture and topography of burial tumuli

• M. Gori: Tumuli in central Dalmatia: old excavations and new research perspectives

• A. Touchais / N. Papadimitriou: The prehistoric tumuli of Marathon- Vranas. Reassessing the data of an old excavation: new evidence and new queries