The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Death and the Polis

March 21, 2017 10:00

The Netherlands Institute in Athens, Makri 11, 117 42 Athens


Presented by

University College Roosevelt (Middelburg, the Netherlands)


10.00 Reception with coffee

10.30 Session 1 The justification of violence in classical Athens

Nora Bentler: Connecting rape and pollution in classical Athens

Katherine Pangalos: Vengeance in the Oresteia

Joleyn Tange: How to get away with murder: adultery as justification for murder in Attic tragedy and law

Annick Wijnstra: The crime of magic: pollution, magic and exclusion in Athenian law

11.30 Discussion

11.50 Coffee break

12.15 Session 2 Perceptions of madness in ancient Greece

Bram van Overdijk: Rhetorical madness in Athenian fifth-century tragedy

Anna den Hollander: Perceptions of insanity as mental disease in the Hippocratic Corpus and fifth-century tragedy

Desiree van Iersel: Depictions of mad heroes and maenads on Attic vases

13.15 Discussion

13.30 Lunch break

15.00 Session 3 Status and commemoration in Athenian funerary contexts

Laura van der Knaap: The paradox of the cemetery: children's depictions on gravestones and lekythoi in fifth-century Athens

Daniel Boff: Changing iconographies: archaic and classical funerary lekythoi

Nanouk Kromhout: War/death ideology in contrasting functions

Joëlle Koorneef: Vehicles of social constructs: tribes and public commemoration in democratic Athens

16.20 Discussion