The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Pantages hiking through the slopes of Mount Parnassos during 2015 Summer Session II (Photo credit: Stuart Anderson)


Chrysanthe Pantages

After participating in 2015 Summer Session II, Chrysanthe Pantages entered her fourth year at UCLA, where she is completing her BA in Classical Civilization.  “I am not sure what is more astonishing to me: the staggering array of sensations and experiences we absorbed over a mere six weeks, or the realization that, for all our travels, we barely scratched the surface of Greece’s vibrant life both ancient and modern. Being able to call upon tangible links between what I read and what I have seen enriches my Classical studies on a daily basis. What made immersing ourselves in the history and culture of Greece so incredible, though, was not just the breadth of information we amassed but also the caliber of interaction.  From lively debates over coffee to site presentations, to formal lectures and sprawling on beaches, I felt honored to have enjoyed such a whirlwind and enriching six weeks with this group of individuals.”