The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Class of 2012-13: Exploring the Greek World Far and Wide

Subjects both literary and material have been occupying this year’s School Members, whose wide-ranging research topics (shown below, along with members’ institutions and fellowships held) illustrate the breadth and depth of scholarship at the ASCSA.


Mohammed Ali Bhatti
Fowler Merle-Smith Fellow
Brock University
Arrian and the Second Sophistic

Daniel P. Diffendale
Heinrich Schliemann Fellow
University of Michigan
Cult places in Italy and Greece during the ongoing processes of state formation during the first millenium

Alison L. Fields
John Williams White Fellow
University of Cincinnati
Ancient Greek archaeology

Katherine Brenna Harrington
Lucy Shoe Meritt Fellow
Brown University
Examining Greek domestic space and household archaeology in the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods

Kyle Alexander Jazwa
Emily Townsend Vermeule Fellow
Florida State University
Mycenean identity

Katherine Anne Larson
Bert Hodge Hill Fellow
University of Michigan
Material connectivity of the Hellenistic Eastern Mediterranean from the perspective of production

Hilary Lehmann
Michael Jameson Fellow
University of California, Los Angeles
Ancient conceptualizations of space: Exploring the ways in which space, gender, and narrative interact

Jonathan James Meyer
Thomas Day Seymour Fellow
University of Kentucky
The intersection between religion and athletics in the funeral games held for Patroclus in Iliad 23

Jana Mokrisova
John L. Caskey Fellow
University of Michigan
Long-term interactions in the Aegean influencing the cultural milieu of Ionia starting as early as the Middle Bronze Age

Jacob Nathan Morton
Colburn Fellow (U. of PA)
University of Pennsylvania
Better understanding of the life of Roman peasants and realities of agriculture life

Donna Marie Nagle
Martin Oswald Fellow
Florida State University
Mycenaean spatial organization

Thomas C. Rose
Philip Lockhart Fellow
University of Iowa
A commentary on Plutarch’s Life of Demetrius

Kathryn Dorothy Wilson
James Rignall Wheeler Fellow
University of Pennsylvania
Greek astronomy, cosmology, and geography


James Eliot Artz
State University of New York, Buffalo
Comparing the water supply systems of Roman Athens and Corinth

Johanna L. C. Best
Fulbright Fellow/Fellow of the School, Honoris Causa
Bryn Mawr College
Religion of the roadways: Roadside sacred spaces in Attica

Jacquelyn Helene Clements
Gorham Philips Stevens Fellow
Johns Hopkins University
Figural decoration of the Erechtheion, including caryatids and the frieze

Stefania Costache
M. Alison Frantz Fellow
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Men for all seasons - Diplomacy, government and European economic projects in the Ottoman Empire, Greece and Romania 1830-1880

Dallas DeForest
Ohio State University
Baths and the culture of bathing in Late Antique Greece 300-700 A.D.

William Flint Dibble
Doreen C. Spitzer Fellow
University of Cincinnati
From palaces to poleis: The changing role of the animals in the economy and lifestyle of Ancient Greece

Sotirios Dimidtriadis
Coulson/Cross Aegean Exchange Fellow in Turkey
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
The transformation of urban space in Late Ottoman Thessaloniki

Lilian Dogiama
Coulson/Cross Aegean Exchange Fellow in Turkey
McMaster University
Lithic material from Catalhoyuk, a Neolithic site in Central Anatolia

Sara Jane Franck
Virginia Grace Fellow
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Bucolic architecture: Hellenistic pastoral temples in the Peloponnese

Nurith Goshen
Jacob Hirsch Fellow
University of Pennsylvania
Minoan proto-palatial buildings

Heather L. Graybehl
Homer A. and Dorothy B. Thompson Fellow
University of Sheffield
A petrographic and contextual study of the Hellenistic ceramics from the Panhellenic Sanctuary at Nemea

Aaron Greener
Bar-Ilan University
Late Bronze Age imported pottery in the land of Israel: Between economy, society, and symbolism

Jessica Laura Lamont
Eugene Vanderpool Fellow
Johns Hopkins University
Study of the Amphiaraos' new identity at Oropos, as seen in the last quarter of the 5th century B.C.E.

Allyson McDavid
Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
The Hadrianic Baths of Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity

Alexander Dale Mulhall
Wiener Laboratory Faunal Fellow
University College of London
Connectivity and economy in Bronze to Iron Age Greece: A zooarchaeological perspective from the trading node of Lefkandi

Sarah C. Murray
Stanford University
Imports, trade, and society in Early Greece (1400-700 B.C.E.)

Karyn Alexis Necciai
Boston University
Mochlos and Gournia: Using micromorphology in search of Minoan fire

Simon Mark Oswald
Edward Capps Fellow
Princeton University
The phenomenon of permanent poetry, Carmina Epigraphica

Hüseyin Çınar Öztürk
University of Cincinnati
The formation of Mycenaean identities

Eleana Anna Prevedorou
Ione Mylonas Shear Fellow
Arizona State University
A bioarchaeological approach to the sociopolitical organization and ideology in the Aegean Early Bronze Age: Descent systems, postmarital residence patterns, and cemetery structure at Tsepi, Attica

Aikaterini Ragkou
Harry Bikakis Fellow
University of Cyprus
Study of the architectural remains from the 11th to the 13th centuries A.D. in the Nezi Field of the Corinth Excavations

James Adam Rodriguez
Yale University
Late Byzantine painting

Adrienne Kristin Ho Rose
University of Iowa
A cross-cultural examination of the impact and relevance of English translations of Latin and Chinese lyric poetry

Angele Rosenberg-Dimitracopoulou
Kress Art and Architecture in Antiquity Fellow
University of Chicago
Praxiteleanism in Classical and Late Classical Greece

Sarit Stern
Johns Hopkins University
The inseparable twins? Iconographical, literary and cultic representations of Apollo and Artemis together

Ioannis Theocharis
Coulson/Cross Aegean Exchange Fellow in Turkey
Aristotle University of Thessloniki
The treatment of architectural sculpture of Athens form the early to middle Byzantine period

Martin Gregory Wells
Henry S. Robinson Corinth Research Fellow
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Frankish pottery excavated from a well in 2009 and preparing an article on that pottery for publication in Hesperia

Rebecca Jane Worsham
AIA Olivia James Traveling Fellow
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Statis and backward?: Questioning the social complexity of Middle Helladic Greece

SENIOR ASSOCIATE MEMBERS 2012-2013 (holding fellowships)

Gerald Finkielsztejn
Kress Publications Fellow
Israel Antiquities Authority
Cataloguing all of the Rhodian amphorae and amphora stamps uncovered so far in Agora

Pantelis Golitsis
Cotsen Traveling Fellow
Manuscript 43 of the Gennadius Library

Stephanie Malia Hom
Oscar Broneer Traveling Fellow
University of Oklahoma
Colonizing Classicism: Antiquity, empire, and the making of 'Greater Italy' in Greece

Vaios Kalogrias
George Papaioannou Fellow
University of Cyprus
Mihailovic-Zervas: A comparative study of resistance and collaboration in Serbia and Greece (1941-1944)

Sarah Lepinski
Henry S. Robinson Corinth Research Fellow
Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Roman domus and Roman wall paintings from Panayia Field, Ancient Corinth

Evi Margaritis
Wiener Laboratory Fellow in Environmental Studies
British School in Athens
Agriculture, farming and the use of space at Ancient Corinth: Insight towards the economic history of the site

Mohammad Tagi Shariat-Panahi
Kress Publications Fellow
Foundation of the Hellenic World
Ottoman Corinthia (15th-18th c): Ottoman sources in the service of archaeological and anthropological research

Sara Strack
Kress Publications Fellow
University of Leicester
Athenian pottery of the Final Bronze Age and Early Iron Age (LHIIIC TO MG/LG) from well deposits in the Athenian Agora

James R. Wiseman
Kress Publications Fellow
Boston University, emeritus
The Gymnasium area of Corinth

List reflects appointments as of September 30, 2012