The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Kyle Zawacki

Kyle Zawacki, teacher in high school social studies at the Huron Schools in New Boston, MI, at the Parthenon in Athens. Zawacki participated in 2015 Summer Sessions II and was the recipient of the ASCSA Rea Silvia Borza scholarship.

“The American School of Classical Studies Summer Session should be the archetype for life changing experiences.  As someone who hadn't ventured through Greece before, the ASCSA was the perfect way to immerse myself in all things Greek.  The six week study of Greek history and culture ranged from Neolithic Age tombs to the current Eurozone discussions. Understanding the topographical influence on Greece’s history was leg-achingly evident during day hikes and refreshing swims around the country.  Most importantly, the experience allowed me to understand Greece much clearer after "being there."  Our session was led by one of the many great people involved with the ASCSA, Professor Timothy Winters, who facilitated a labyrinthian trek around Attica, the Peloponnese, Northern Greece, and Crete.  His enthusiasm and morning poetry reciting made the trip.  The collegiality that blossomed between high school teachers, undergrads, graduate students, and other professors made for friendships that will last my entire life.  In short, if you’d like to play backgammon until 1 A.M. with locals, wake up to a sea-side port breeze the next morning, and stand inside the Parthenon a few days later, then the ASCSA’s Summer Session is the perfect way to spend your summer learning about Greece.”