The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Lizzy Ten-Hove at the Theater of Epidauros, photo by Sarah Teets


Lizzy Ten-Hove

“I signed up for the American School Summer Session expecting a crash course in the topography and material culture of ancient Greece. What I wasn't expecting was everything else! We saw the footprints of Neanderthal toddlers, medieval monasteries, and World War II memorials alongside archaic temples and marble sculptures; we hiked to the top of Sphakteria, drank from the Castalian Spring, and watched Hecuba lament in the Theater at Epidauros. Every day we met and spoke with scholars from around the world working on everything from ancient houses to skeletal biology, with conversations often spilling over well into the evening. Many of my fellow Summer Session students have become my good friends, and plans are already brewing for a reunion. The six weeks went by far too quickly.”

Ten-Hove, who attended 2015 Summer Session II, is a PhD candidate in Classics at Stanford University where she focuses on language and literature, especially Greek drama and its reception in antiquity and beyond.