The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Nick Cross

Nick Cross, attended the 2015 ASCSA Summer Session I, is a graduate student in Ancient History at the City University of New York.

“The summer program at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens was the best way this aspiring historian could have spent his summer. To see the ancient sites up close and to converse with experts in the field was an unparalleled opportunity. In Athens, the American School felt like the Elysian Fields, with delicious meals and delightful ouzo hours in Loring Hall, and the world’s finest research facilities on campus. Visiting areas beyond Athens – Crete, the Peloponnesus, Central and Northern Greece – and observing various features of the Greek world – architecture, topography, history, modern Greek society – broadened my knowledge and provided me with invaluable tools for future scholarship. And the program was fun – the relationships formed with fellow classmates on the road, at the hotel, in the bar, and on the beach will stay with me for a lifetime. Thank you, ASCSA!”