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Μαρία Γεωργοπούλου: Η βιβλιοθήκη έχει τον ίδιο καίριο ρόλο με τον δάσκαλο, Kathimerini, August 28, 2016

Revealing the Griffin Warrior, Costa Navarino magazine, Vol. 5, p. 33

A Window on the World, Kathermerini, July 22, 2016

Story of Philistines Could Be Reshaped by Ancient Cemetery, New York Times, July 10, 2016

Ενα ανοιχτό παράθυρο στον κόσμο, Kathimerini, July 10, 2016

Archaeologists To Study Shackled Skeletons From Ancient Greece To Understand Rise Of Athens, Forbes, March 24, 2016

Grave of ‘Griffin Warrior’ at Pylos Could Be a Gateway to Civilizations, New York Times, October 26, 2015 [Added October 27, 2015]

Athens Democracy Forum: Το παρελθόν, το παρόν και το μέλλον της δημοκρατίας στην Ευρώπη της κρίσης, Η Καθημερινή, September 15, 2015 [Added September 17, 2015]

Did the Ancient Athenians Store Weatlth in the Parthenon's Attic? Archaeology, July 9, 2015 [Added July 13, 2015]

450 Dead Babies Found in Athenian Well Shed Light on Ancient Greeks, Newsweek, June 10, 2015 [Added June 11, 2015}

Γνωρίστε όλα τα ευρήματα της Αρχαίας Αγοράς με ένα κλικ, March 19, 2015 [Added March 21, 2015]

Η Αθήνα που δεν διδαχτήκαμε, Η Καθημερινή, February 14, 2015 [Added February 16, 2015]

Νέα, μοντέρνα πτέρυγα στη Γεννάδειο, Η Καθημερινή, October 12, 2014 [Added October 13, 2014]

Αρχαία Αγορά: Ο ομφαλός της Αρχαίας Αθήνας, LIFO, September 18, 2014 [Added September 30, 2014]

Αρχαία Κόρινθος: Ανέπαφα αγγεία 2.800 ετών βρέθηκαν μέσα σε τάφο, Greek, August 21, 2014 [Added August 22, 2014].

2,800-year-old zigzag art found in Greek tomb, Fox News, August 21, 2014 [Added August 22, 2014]

42 κορυφαίες προσωπικότητες βραβεύονται από τον K. Παπούλια , "Η Καθημερινή", July 15, 2014 [Added July 17, 2014].

Γνωρίστε τους υπέροχους κήπους των Αθηνών και ένα μοναδικό κτίριο, μέσα από... χίλιες πόρτες, "iefimerida", May 2, 2014. [Added May 5, 2014].

Πρότυπη Γεννάδειος , "Το Βήμα", April 13, 2014. [Added April 17, 2014].

Keep calm and carry on the conversation, BusinessFile, September–October 2013 [PDF, Added October 15, 2013]

Extra Curriculum, The Schools of Archaeology in Athens, EurpoaNostra's Heritage in Motion, Summer 2013 [Added August 8, 2013]

Hand and Wing For Louvre’s Nike, Greek reporter, July 13, 2013 [Added July 15, 2013]

Φόρο τιμής στο ζεύγος Καρλ και Ελίζαμπεθ Μπλέγκεν αποτίει ημερίδα της Αμερικανικής Σχολής Κλασικών Σπουδών και του Ιδρύματος Ιωάννου Φ. Κωστοπούλου, Kerdos on line, May 30, 2013 [Added May 30, 2013]

The Shifting Perceptions of Ancient Culture, The New York Times, May 3, 2013 [Added May 9, 2013].

Welcome Gift for Athens Library,, April 25, 2013 [Added April 25, 2013]

Θριαμβεύοντας στο Χρόνο (Triumph over time) - Μια εξαιρετική ταινία για την Ελλάδα. Δείτε την!!!, NewsNow, April 15, [Added April 16, 2013]

Αρχείο Ηλία Βενέζη: Ο άγνωστος Αϊβαλιώτης πίσω από το «Νούμερο 31328», Τα Νέα, April 8, 2013 [Added April 10, 2013]

Τραπεζάκια έξω και οι αρχαίοι,, April 8, 2013 [Added April 9, 2013]

Cotsen Excavation Grant Winners Announced, AIA website, March 20, 2013 [Added April 10]

H Εντυπωσιακή Αναστήλωση του Ναού του Διός στη Νεμέα,, February 24, 2013 [Added February 26, 2013]

Athenian Agora Digs at NY Arts Club, The National Herald, January 19-25, 2013 [Added January 29, 2013]

Aksion Esti (James Wright, guest), ET3 television, January 5, 2013 [Added January 29, 2013]

Heap of Cattle Bones May Mark Ancient Feast, Live Science, January 9, 2013 [Added January 9, 2013]

Acropolis Now New York Times blog, December 13, 2012 [Added January 2, 2013]

Η Αρχαία Αγορά αποκαλύπτει το μεγαλείο της, November 21, 2012 [Added November 26, 2012].

Ο κόσμος της ρωμαϊκής Αθήνας στη Στοά του Αττάλου, November 21, 2012 [Added November 26, 2012].

Q&A with Bonna Wescoat: Digging into the mystery of a Greek island, (Bonna Wescoat on her excavations at Samothrace) Emory News Center, October 31, 2012. [Added November 2, 2012].

Du hast die Haare schön! (Kathy Schwab and the Caryatid Hairstyling Project), National Public Radio of Germany ( [Added August 21, 2012]

In Their Cups (Kathleen Lynch on symposium pottery), Odyssey, Summer 2012. [Added August 21, 2012].

First floor of Stoa of Attalos opens to public after 30 years, July 18, 2012. [Added July 19, 2012].

Rutter Wins Top Award for Archaeology Work, The Dartmouth, July 3, 2012 [Added April 1, 2013]

Looted for Love The New York Times, June 22, 2012. [Added June 25, 2012].

Willamette Lecture Features the Traumatic Lives of Early Christians in Cyprus, March 31, 2012. [Added April 2, 2012].

Stoa of Attalos’ first floor to open to public, March 26, 2012. [Added March 27, 2012].

Greek antiquities at risk as budgets shrink, economy falters PRI Public Radio International, March 15, 2012. [Added March 16, 2012].

Απολογισμός του έργου της Αμερικανικής Σχολής Αρχαιολογίας για το 2011 Η Καθημερινή, 13 Μαρτίου 2012. [Added March 13, 2012].

Σύγχρονο πρόσωπο στην Αρχαία ΑγοράΤο Βήμα, March 7, 2012. [Added March 7, 2012].

Art history’s Jenifer Neils elected committee chair at American School of Classical Studies at Athens The Daily, February 15, 2012. [Added February 16, 2012].

Bryn Mawr’s James Wright Appointed Director of American School of Classical Studies at Athens Bryn Mawr Now, November 10, 2011. [Added November 11, 2011].

Alan Boegehold Lectures in Athenian Archaeology and Letters Archaeological Institute of America. [Added November 3, 2011].

American Archaeologists to Create Cultural Heritage Park in Peloponnesos Greek reporter, October 23, 2011. [Added October 24, 2011].

Πάρκο πολιτιστικής κληρονομιάς στην ορεινή Αρκαδία Voice of America, October 18, 2011. [Added October 19, 2011].

Δείξε μου την κούπα σου να σου πω ποιος είσαι... To Vima, October 16, 2011. [Added October 19, 2011].

Katherine Schwab honored by AHEPA, October 13, 2011. [Added October 18, 2011].

Shedding light on daily life and habits of ancient Greeks, September 18, 2011. [Added September 19, 2011].

Το πηγάδι με τους σκελετούς 450 νεογνών, August 28, 2011. [Added August 29, 2011].

Sneak peek inside the Palace of Nestor The Armidale express, August 5, 2011. [Added August 5, 2011].

American School of Classical Studies celebrates 130 years Athens News, June 26, 2011. [Added June 27, 2011].

UF names Dunlevie professors for Honors Program for next year University of Florida News, April 12, 2011. [Added April 13, 2011].

Memorial for Legendary Professor of Greek Mabel Lang to take place in Thomas Great Hall on Sunday April 3 Inside Bryn Mawr, March 31, 2011. [Added April 1, 2011].

Peeling away the layers of the Agora, millennium by millennium, February 28, 2011. [Added March 2, 2011].

Ο άνθρωπος δεν άλλαξε καθόλου από την αρχαιότητα, February 20, 2011. [Added February 21, 2011].

Susan Rotroff ‘68 wins Top Archaeology Award, joining a Long List of Bryn Mawr Grads so Honored Bryn Mawr Now, February 3, 2011. [Added February 4, 2011].

Thought Leaders: Strength in Democratic Foundations, by Jack Davis Business Partners, Nov/Dec 2010 [Added January 31, 2011]

AIA lecture on Ancient Corinth, January 25, 2011. [Added January 26, 2011].

Day Awarded Professorship in Athens Wabash College, January 23, 2011. [Added January 24, 2011].

Il y a 130.000 ans, les premiers navigateurs de la Mediterranée Le Monde, January 22, 2011. [Added January 23, 2011].

Cretan tools point to 130,000-year-old sea travel Yahoo News, January 3, 2011. [Added January 4, 2011].

Early humans could navigate, evidence in Greece The Straits Times, January 3, 2011. [Added January 4, 2011].

The Plakias Survey’s discovery of Palaeolithic stone tools on Crete named as one of the top ten archaeological discoveries of 2010. Archaeology Magazine 64.1 [Added December 17, 2010].

From Kashan to Corinth - Pottery research shows Greeks engaged in long distance trade during medieval times with Iran The Circle Of Ancient Iranian Studies, December 4, 2010. [Added December 7, 2010].

Sculptures of Stoa of Attalos in ancient Agora to be showcased, December 3, 2010. [Added December 3, 2010].

Eleven AIA Members Testify at Cultural Property Advisory Committee Meeting on October 12, 2010 Archaeological Institute of America, October 26, 2010. [Added November 8, 2010].

Bryn Mawr Archaeology Professor testifies at State Department Hearing on Artifact theft and trafficking Bryn Mawr Now, October 14, 2010 [Added October 15, 2010].

DOREEN CANADAY SPITZTER, 1914-2010: Prominent ex-Toledoan a lover of Greek history, October 7, 2010 [Added October 8, 2010].

Looting Matters: Protecting the Archaeological Heritage of Greece Digital Journal, September 10, 2010. [Added September 12, 2010]

LeeAnn Barnes Gordon: Agora Excavations, Athens, Greece UDaily, July 28, 2010. [Added July 30, 2010].

Legendary Professor of Greek Mabel Lang Dies at 93 Bryn Mawr Now, July 23, 2010. [Added July 26, 2010].

One of us, homage to a beloved philhellene: Colleagues and friends pay tribute to Edmund Keeley, novelist and translator AthensPlus newspaper, page 17, June 11, 2010. [Added June 21, 2010].

Johannes Gennadius and His World, AthensPlus newspaper, page 16, June 11, 2010. [Added June 21, 2010].

Classics Professor Receives Kress Publication Fellowship from American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Presszoom, June 14, 2010. [Added June 14, 2010].

Archeologist discusses children depicted in art during wartime, Loyola University Newsroom, April 12, 2010. [Added April 13, 2010].

Documentary now available of ancient Caryatid hairstyles being brought to life, Media Newswire, April 9, 2010. [Added April 12, 2010].

On Crete, New Evidence of Very Ancient Mariners, The New York Times, February 15, 2010. [Added February 16, 2010]

Επιστημονικό συνέδριο – ημερίδα στη μνήμη της ακαδημαϊκού βυζαντινολόγου Αγγελικής Λαΐου,, October 21, 2009. [Added November 5, 2009].

Schwab’s Parthenon drawings go on display Tuesday in Fairfield,, October 20, 2009. [Added October 21, 2009].

Leslie Day Named LaFollette Chair, Wabash College, September 16, 2009. [Added September 21, 2009].

A Collector Captured by His Prizes, The New York Times, August 27, 2009. [Added August 31, 2009].

Museum to Present a Major Collection of American and European Modernism, [Added May 25, 2009].

Joe Day is Classics Teacher of the Year,[Added April 30, 2009]

Cobber selected to dig in Athenian Agora April 7, 2009.

Excavation project highlighted by Discovery, January 26, 2009.
Adventures In Modern Art: Charles K. Williams II Collection, Huliq News, August 1st, 2008. [Added August 4, 2008]

Βιβλιαγορά στη Γεννάδειο Βιβλιοθήκη , Το Βήμα Online, Τετάρτη, 11 Ιουνίου 2008. [Added June 11, 2008]

Απόηχος από «Τα Καβαφικά», τη σειρά των εκδηλώσεων στη Γεννάδειο που σημείωσε μεγάλη επιτυχία... Με την Claire Bloom live! ,, 17-05-08. [Added May 20, 2008].

Ψηφιοποίηση αρχειακού υλικού της Αμερικανικής Σχολής Κλασικών Σπουδών , Η ΝΑΥΤΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ, Δευτέρα, 19 Μαϊου
2008. [Added May 20, 2008]

Έφοδος στην αρχαία αγορά , ΕΘΝΟΣONLINE, 17/5. [Added May 20, 2008]

Ψηφιοποίηση και ανάδειξη ιστορικών ντοκουμέντων στο Μέγαρο Μουσικής Αθηνών ,, 18/05/08. [Added May 19, 2008]

Καβάφης με δύναμη από μία σταρ , ΤΑ ΝΕΑ Online, Τρίτη 29 Απριλίου 2008. [Added May 5, 2008]

Πλήθος εκδηλώσεων για την επέτειο της γέννησης και του θανάτου του Καβάφη ,, 29/4/08. [Added May 2, 2008]

Η Κλαιρ Μπλουμ διαβάζει Καβάφη ,, 23 Απριλίου 2008. [Added April 24, 2008]

Gennadius organizes tribute to poet C.P. Cavafy, 75 years after his death , Kathimerini, English edition, Monday April 14, 2008. [Added April 22, 2008]

Η Κλερ Μπλουμ έρχεται για τη «Μνήμη Κ.Π. Καβάφη» , Το Βήμα Online, Πέμπτη 17 Απριλίου 2008. [Added April 22, 2008]

Τα νομίσματα του Κ.Π. Καβάφη «πλάσθηκαν» σε ποιήματα , ΤΑ ΝΕΑ Online, Πέμπτη 17 Απριλίου 2008. [Added April 18, 2008]

Στη μνήμη του Καβάφη, Η Ναυτεμπορική, Πέμπτη 17 Απριλίου 2008. [Added April 18, 2008]

John K. Papadopoulos, The Art of Antiquity: Piet de Jong and the Athenian Agora. Athens: The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2007.  Pp. 334; b/w and color ills. 241. ISBN 978-0-87661-960-5. $75.00 (pb). , reviewed by David Gill, Swansea University (UK) ( 2008.04.22 [Added April 22, 2008]

Μνήμη Κ. Π. Καβάφη, εβδομήντα πέντε χρόνια από το θάνατό του,, Εκδήλωση - Τέχνες, Πολιτισμός, 17 Απριλίου 2008. [Added April 17, 2008]

William B. Dinsmoor, William B. Dinsmoor, Jr., The Propylaia to the Athenian Akropolis II: The Classical Building. Edited by Anastasia Norre Dinsmoor.  Princeton, NJ:  The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2004.  Pp. 486; figs. 211 (line drawings and photographs in the text); fold out sheets 5 (including 9 Plates with line drawings); tables 10 (incorporated in the text).  ISBN 0-87661-941-3.  $125.00. , reviewed by Tasos Tanoulas, The Propylaea Restoration Project, Service for the Restoration of the Akropolis Monuments 2008.04.17 [Added April 17, 2008]

Αφιέρωμα στον Καβάφη: Οι τιμητικές εκδηλώσεις ξεκινούν από τη Γεννάδειο Βιβλιοθήκη ,, 11 Απριλίου 2008. [Added April 15, 2008]

The Mysteries of Dionysos: The Derveni Krater, GreekNews. [Added 15 April 2008].

Penn Researcher Explores a Lost Port City of the Mycenaeans in the Region of the Trojan War, University of Pennsylvania, Office of University Communications, April 2, 2008. [Added April 11, 2008]

Old News: GENNADEION AND ACROPOLIS, Published On 12/22/1925. (“The Gennadeion looks down on the Acropolis. The child towers above the parent. The new library for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens is practically completed. Designed by an American architect, the marble edifice is a true descendant of that classical school in the midst of whose ruins it stands like a spectre from the past…”) [Added 29 February, 2008]

Archaeologist and professor to explain ‘How to Read a Vase’ in lecture Feb. 28, University of St. Thomas Bulletin, Thursday, February 21, 2008. (Notice of a lecture by Managing Committee member Ann Steiner, Shirley Watkins Steinman Professor of Classics and provost and dean of the faculty at Franklin & Marshall College) [Added 21 February, 2008]

Webcast of the SKAI News report on the discoveries of the Mt. Lykaion project.  Featuring an interview with Jack Davis.  .mov format / .wmv format

Οι ανασκαφές «δείχνουν» την πατρίδα του Δία,  ΕΘΝΟΣONLINE . [Added 13 February, 2008]

Ο Δίας «έκρυβε» 900 χρόνια, TA NEA Online, 6 Φεβρουαρίου 2008 - Aρχείο . [Added 7 February, 2008]

Τι πίστευαν οι κάτοικοι στην Ελλάδα «προ Διός»,, Tετάρτη, 6 Φεβρουαρίου 2008 - Aρχείο . [Added 7 February, 2008]

An Altar Beyond Olympus for a Deity Predating Zeus, by John Noble Wilford, The New York Times, February 5, 2008. [Added 5 February, 2008]

New discoveries at the ash altar Of Zeus—Mount Lykaion PhysOrg,com, 12:52 EST, January 24, 2008. [Added 25 January, 2008]

New discoveries at Mount Lykaion push Zeus worship back 1,000 years Science Codex, Posted On: January 24, 2008 - 6:39 pm. [Added 25 January, 2008]

Προστασία του παρελθόντος από την Αμερικανική Σχολή Κλασικών Σπουδών. 18/01/08 16:06. [Added 21 January, 2008]

Σε ψηφιακή μορφή οι συλλογές της Αμερικανικής Σχολής Copyright © ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ - Ημερομηνία δημοσίευσης 19/12/2007. [Added 21 January, 2008]

Kevin Andrews, Castles of the Morea. Gennadeion Monographs, 4. The original 1953 text with a foreword by Glenn R. Bugh. Princeton, NJ: ASCSA Publications, 2006. Pp. xxvii, 274; pls. 40. ISBN 978-0-87661-406-8. $75.00., reviewed by Pierre A. MacKay, The University of Washington, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2007.12.27 [Added 20 December, 2007]

Noted Aegean Scholar to Offer Lecture, Receive Honorary PhD. (Scholar and lecturer Malcolm Hewitt Wiener, founder and president of the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, member of the Board of Trustees of the American School of Classical Studes at Athens, presented “Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Minoan Crete, Mycenaean Greece and the Cyclades at the Beginning of the Late Bronze Age” Dec. 7. On Dec. 8, Wiener received an honorary doctorate from the University of Cincinnati.) [Added 9 December, 2007]

Βραβεία για τη σύγχρονη μουσική, TaNeaOnline, 6 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2007. (On the awarding of the Dimitris Mitropoulos medal)[Added 8 November, 2007]

Είχαν πέντε «λευκά» στην αρχαία παλέτα τους, TaNeaOnline, 6 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2007.
[Added 8 November, 2007]

The rising love of loot, Athens News, 05/10/2007, page: A02. (In the first of two interviews on the ownership and display of antiquities,the newly installed director of the American School talks about thedestructive effects of private collections) [Added 11 October, 2007]
- Note added 12th October - Interesting comments on Jack Davis’ interview have appeared on David Gill’s blog Looting Matters, and on Alun Salt’s blog Clioaudio.

OLD NEWS: GENNADEION AND ACROPOLIS, The Harvard Crimson, Tuesday, December 22, 1925 12:00 AM. (A report on the construction of the Gennadeion) [Added 5 September, 2007]

Greece Fires Menace Archaeological Ruins, Day to Day [NPR Audio Program], August 28, 2007 . (“Wildfires that have killed more than 60 people continue to rage across Greece. Jack Davis, director of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, talks about the threat to archaeological ruins at the site of the original Olympic games and other areas in southern Greece.”) [Added 29 August, 2007]

Greece is the word for volcanoes: A local professor is studying the ancient eruption of Thera, by Helen Altonn. Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Vol. 12, Issue 236 - Saturday, August 25, 2007. (“Floyd McCoy, Windward Community College professor of geology and oceanography [and visiting research professor at the American School of Classical Studies], hopes during a year and a half in Greece to resolve the “hugely controversial” question of when the Thera volcano erupted”) [Added 27 August, 2007]

Letter from Italy: Slippery Business, by Tom Mueller. The New Yorker, August 13, 2007. (In an article on corruption in the modern olive oil trade, American School Member Nigel Kennell is quoted on the use of olive oil in antiquity) [Added 25 August, 2007]

Digging into the Past: R-MC Students Spend Summer Excavating in Athens, Greece, Randolph-Macon College Campus Spotlight, 7/25/2007. [Added 27 July, 2007]

Isthmia: city of elusive ancient Greece, By By Elizabeth R. Gebhard, SperoNews, Thursday, June 21, 2007. [Added 22 June, 2007 - To celebrate the 55th year of excavations at the Sanctuary of Poseidon on the Isthmus of Corinth, the American School of Classical Studies at Athens hosted an international conference on June 15-17]

Τιμή στις ξένες αρχαιολογικές σχολές Η ΝΑΥΤΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ. Πέμπτη, 21 Ιουνίου 2007. [Added 21 June, 2007]

Τιμή σε 6 αρχαιολόγους ΕΘΝΟΣ On Line, 21/6/2007. [Added 21 June, 2007]

Στη Γεννάδειο Το ΒΗΜΑ Online, Κυριακή 17 Ιουνίου 2007. [Added 20 June, 2007]

Gennadius honors Peter Brown KATHIMERINI, 16-06-07. [Added 20 June, 2007]

Η ετήσια εκδήλωση υπέρ της Γενναδείου Βιβλιοθήκης τίμησε τον καθηγητή Peter Brown H KAΘHMEPINH, 16-06-07. [Added 20 June, 2007]

Εκδήλωση προς τιμήν του Πήτερ Μπράουν διοργάνωσε η Γεννάδειος Βιβλιοθήκη, 12/06/07 22:32. [Added 13 June, 2007]

W. Kendrick Pritchett, distinguished historian and epigraphist, passes away. University of California, Berkeley, Department of Classics, May 30, 2007. [Added 5 June, 2007 - Professor Pritchett had been an active American School of Classical Studies at Athens Managing Committee representative from the University of California, Berkeley, from 1952 to 1979, a non-voting member of the Managing Committee since 1980, Regular Member of the School (Edward Capps Fellow) 1940-1941 (prevented from occupying the fellowship by the war), Fellow in Epigraphy, Visiting Professor (1962-1963, 1976-1977), collaborator of the Athenian Agora excavations for many years, and a frequent visitor of ancient sites in Greece]

WCC professor headed to Greece to research eruption The Honolulu Advertiser, Posted at 1:26 a.m., Thursday, May 31, 2007. [Added 1 June, 2007]

In the Footsteps of Pausanias by Nikolaos Markoulakis in Sparta: Journal of Ancient Spartan and Greek History, May 21, 02:15 PM. [Added 23 May, 2007 - “From the early days of May the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and The National Hellenic research Institute offer a one month, unique, international symposium honouring Pasaunias”]

Archaeology Ph.D. Student Catherine Person Wins Fulbright to Study in Athens Bryn Mawr Now, May 10, 2007. [Added 13 May, 2007]

ASCSA Managing Committee Member Tim Winters receives the Award for Excellence in College Teaching for 2007 by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South The Leaf-Chronicle, April 3, 2007. [Added 3 May, 2007]

ASCSA Trustee Mary Patterson McPherson is among those who will receive Barnard Medals of Distinction Barnard News Center, April 2, 2007. [Added 16 April, 2007]

Review of: Craig A. Mauzy, Agora Excavations 1931-2006: A Pictorial History. With contributions by John McK. Camp II. Princeton: The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2006. Pp. 128; figs. 256. ISBN 0-87661-910-3. $15.00, by Nassos Papalexandrou, University of Texas at Austin, in Bryn Mawr Classical Review ref: 2007.02.41, 21 February 2007. [Added 21 February, 2007]

Benefiting the Gennadius Library 7th Annual Clean Monday Celebration The Hellenic News of America, Saturday, 20 January 2007.

Exhibition of Piet de Jong works opens in Athens Athens News Agency, Thursday October 15, 2006.

ASCSA Trustee Mary Lefkowitz has been awarded the 2006 National Humanities Medal President Bush awards the 2006 National Humanities Medals National Endowment ofr the Humanities Press Release.

Art meets science and the ancient Cycladic period: Exhibit at Athens museum blends the contemporary with the ancient Kathimerini, Thursday October 12, 2006.

A pivotal foreign institution: A double anniversary for the establishment known as the American School of Classical Studies Kathimerini, Wednesday August 9, 2006.

ASCSA celebrates an anniversary Kathimerini, Friday June 16, 2006.

Πράσινο φως από το ΣτΕ για την επέκταση του κτηρίου της Γενναδείου Βιβλιοθήκης, 18/05/06 20:53.