The American School of Classical Studies at Athens welcomes educators who are looking to advance their knowledge about the Classical world. The School provides K-12 educational resources, as well as scholarships for study. 

Independent Research at the School

Acceptance of Membership at the School is a prerequisite for students or scholars wishing to make use of the facilities outside normal visiting hours. You can find more information about Membership on our APPLY FOR ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (INDEPENDENT RESEARCH) page.

When using the facilities, modest fees are charged in lieu of tuition. Faculty, students and former students of Cooperating Institutions pay only one-half the fees for use of the facilities of the School in Greece. These fees are, at present, calculated at the rate of $220 per month for Regular and Student Associate Members and $330 per month for Senior Associate Members, or $110 and $165 respectively for those connected with a Cooperating Institution. For more on School Fees and Expenses, click here.

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