The reputation of ASCSA Publications for scholarly and editorial excellence attracts submissions from many foreign as well as North American scholars. We publish the work of the School in our award-winning quarterly journal, Hesperia, in the extensive Corinth and Agora monograph series, and in various other volumes devoted to Hellenic studies. These works are essential reference tools for anyone interested in the archaeology and history of the Mediterranean world.

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January 19, 2023

Making a Splash: Mary C. Sturgeon Discusses The Gymnasium Area: Sculpture

An interview with Mary C. Sturgeon, author of the newly published volume, The Gymnasium Area: Sculpture (Corinth XXIII.1).

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January 13, 2023

Remembering Marian McAllister (1927–2022)

On the news of the passing of Editor Emerita Marian McAllister, her former colleague Sarah George Figueira reflects on their time together in the Publications Office. Dr. McAllister served as Editor of Publications from 1972 to 1997.

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January 6, 2023

New Publication: The Gymnasium Area: Sculpture (Corinth XXIII.1)

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens is pleased to announce the publication of The Gymnasium Area: Sculpture (Corinth XXIII.1), by Mary C. Sturgeon.

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December 31, 2022

Our Year In Review

Watch the year in review and see how your financial support touches the lives of so many people!

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December 23, 2022

Hesperia 91.4 Now Online!

Hesperia 91.4 is now available online! Topics in this issue include an overview of Bronze Age panel cups from the Greek mainland, the presentation of a new ritual inscription from the Athenian Agora, and a reexamination of the Kephalari blockhouse assemblage.

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December 12, 2022

Window[pane] to the Past: Glass from East of the Theater at Corinth

Anastassios C. Antonaras discusses his new book, East of the Theater: Glassware and Glass Production (Corinth XIX.1).

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December 6, 2022

A Point within a Network: Joseph L. Rife Discusses On the Edge of a Roman Port

An interview with one of the editors of On the Edge of a Roman Port: Excavations at Koutsongila, Kenchreai, 2007–2014 (Hesperia Suppl. 52)

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November 25, 2022

New Publication: On the Edge of a Roman Port

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens is pleased to announce the publication of On the Edge of a Roman Port: Excavations at Koutsongila, Kenchreai, 2007–2014 (Hesperia Suppl. 52), edited by Elena Korka and Joseph L. Rife.

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Praise for Our Titles

The Sanctuary of Athena at Sounion
Ancient Art and Architecture in Context 4
Barbara A. Barletta

“Ultimately, this book stands as a brilliant testament to the meticulous scholarship and memory of its three authors.”

Votive Reliefs
Carol L. Lawton

“This is, quite simply, a model publication.”

Tombs, Burials, and Commemoration in Corinth's Northern Cemetery
Corinth XXI
Kathleen Warner Slane

“Slane’s systematic study provides fresh insights into the changing burial practices at Corinth from the fifth century B.C. to the sixth century A.D., while offering a well-illustrated piece of research with informative maps, plans, drawings, and plates.”

The Agora Bone Well
Hesperia Supplement 50
Maria A. Liston, Susan I. Rotroff, and Lynn M. Snyder

“Not only is the tale engaging and informative, the authors use their lucid prose and numerous high-quality illustrations to insure that a nonspecialist can follow even the finest details of the excavation and interpretation.”

The Historical Greek Village
Lerna VIII
Brice L. Erickson

"Brice Erickson's The Historical Greek Village is an excellent new addition to the Lerna series and significantly furthers our understanding of the nature and character of the site from circa 970 to 175 B.C."

Landscape Archaeology and the Medieval Countryside
Nemea Valley Archaeological Project II
Effie F. Athanassopoulos

“Athanassopoulos's book is an extremely valuable, one of a kind contribution. It is a pioneer in documenting solely the medieval material of a much wider and cross-temporal survey.”

Ancient Corinth: Site Guide
Guy D. R. Sanders, Jennifer Palinkas, and Ioulia Tzonou-Herbst, with James Herbst

“This will be an invaluable aid to interpret what can be seen on the ground, and will serve as a model for guides to other archaeological sites.”