Become a Cooperating Institution

From an initial five in 1881, the number of Cooperating Institutions has now grown to 190, representing some of the most distinguished colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Contact the Princeton office at to inquire about joining the ASCSA.

Benefits for ASCSA Member Institutions

The School offers special advantages to the colleges, universities, and institutions that support the School financially and participate in its operation: 

  • Representation on the Managing Committee, which sets School policies and oversees the academic programs. The Managing Committee meets twice each year, at annual January meetings of the Society for Classical Studies and the Archaeological Institute of America, and in May, normally in New York City. A Cooperating Institution may nominate up to three voting representatives, who are recommended by the School's Committee on Personnel and elected by the Managing Committee. Upon retirement, members may opt to remain on the Managing Committee as nonvoting members, and Cooperating Institutions may nominate a new voting representative. Nominees may be specialists in any of the many areas of research supported by the School and its mission. 
  • Faculty, students and former students of Cooperating Institutions pay only one-half the fees for use of the facilities of the School in Greece. These fees are, at present, calculated at the rate of $220 per month for Regular and Student Associate Members and $330 per month for Senior Associate Members, or $110 and $165 respectively for those connected with a Cooperating Institution. There is no tuition for graduate students to attend the American School, and the School awards over $800,000 in fellowships annually. These modest fees are in lieu of any tuition charges. 
  • Members of the faculty of Cooperating Institutions are eligible to apply for the School's special research fellowship, the Whitehead Distinguished Scholar. Whitehead Scholars receive a stipend, free School housing, and participate in many aspects of the School's program. They also have the opportunity to work with the students at the School, who are among the best from institutions in North America.
  • Availability of Summer Program Scholarships. The School accepts applications for the six-week ASCSA Summer Session and the 18-day ASCSA Summer Seminars from advanced undergraduate students and graduate students. The School awards five scholarships for participation in the ASCSA Summer Session and Summer Seminars. These “open” scholarships are restricted to students enrolled at Cooperating Institutions. 
  • The libraries of Cooperating Institutions receive discounted rates on School publications
  • Affiliation offers opportunities to associate more closely with colleagues in one’s own field and in related disciplines. Whether one participates in the management of School affairs, or sends students to the School programs in Greece, the experience brings greater depth and meaning to the scholarly pursuits of all who come to the School. 

The membership fee for a Cooperating Institution totals $500 annually for an undergraduate college, and $1,200 annually for universities with a Ph.D. program in Classics or related fields. This is a small investment for the Cooperating Institution that grants students and scholars direct access to a unique and highly regarded institution whose programs have provided generations of students and teachers unparalleled, firsthand knowledge of the monuments, sites, material culture, history, land, and people of Greece.