How to Nominate a Voting Member

Voting members must be at a Cooperating Institution. 

If you are not a Cooperating Institution and would like to join, please consult the 'Become a Cooperating Institution' page.

According to the Regulations (II.1), Cooperating Institutions may nominate up to three voting representatives to the ASCSA Managing Committee.* We encourage nominations from various fields of study, not limited to members of classics departments. 

A nomination can be made at any time. Please submit the necessary documents before October 15 (if aiming for January meeting approval) or February 15 (if aiming for May meeting approval).

The nomination procedure is as follows:

  1. An official letter from the President, Provost, or Dean of Faculty proposing the candidate, along with the nominee’s curriculum vitae. The official letter should be addressed to the Chair of the Committee on Personnel and emailed in PDF form to the Programs Administrator at The letter should address why the candidate would be a good addition to the Managing Committee. 
  2. The chair will submit the nomination(s) to the Committee on Personnel for review. The committee will then make a recommendation to the Executive Committee and (with the Executive Committee’s approval) to the Managing Committee at its next meeting.

What to expect after a nomination is submitted?

  • Once approved by the Personnel Committee, nominees will be notified that they are "pending members" and will be invited to the next Managing Committee meeting.
  • During the Managing Committee meeting, early in the meeting, the Managing Committee will vote to approve the current pending members. The pending members who are in attendance will be asked to leave the room before the vote. After the vote, a member of the Personnel Committee will welcome the pending members into the room as voting members. 


*If the Cooperating Institution is part of a consortium, please default to the consortium agreement for the correct number of voting representatives from each institute. If you are unsure about the details of your consortium agreement, please email Alicia Dissinger (