The video of our webinar is now available in our video archive.



About the Webinar: 

The immense body of Greek literature produced from the fourth to the fifteenth century CE, remains for most an exotic and rather misunderstood field of discursive production. The discussion proposed for this webinar will be structured in the medieval form of “Questions and Answers” and will probe the what, how, who, when, where, and why of Byzantine literature.

About the Speaker:

Stratis Papaioannou is Professor of Byzantine Philology at the University of Crete and has held appointments at CUA (2000-2005), Dumbarton Oaks (2006-2009), and Brown University (2006-2018), while he also teaches regularly summer courses at ASCSA, at the Gennadius Library. His most recent publications include Christian Novels from the Menologion of Symeon Metaphrastes (Cambridge, MA 2017), Michael Psellus, Epistulae (two vols; Berlin and Boston 2019), and Μιχαὴλ Ψελλός. Ἡ ρητορικὴ καὶ ὁ λογοτέχνης στὸ Βυζάντιο (Herakleio 2020). His Oxford Handbook of Byzantine Literature (Oxford University Press) is to appear in May 2021.