New Research Interface for
Entry of excavation data in the field. was created in 2009 as the interdepartmental database of the American School.  It currently provides scholars and students with open access to over 300,000 records from the Athenian Agora, Corinth Excavations and the School Archives.  A user account is not required to use the database, though portions of the collections are password protected.  The School is happy to announce a new interface for which introduces new features and functionality similar to the aesthetic and functionality of Google.  It has a very wide text box for searching, which is an essential feature for refining searches. To activate the research interface, go to, where a link is provided under the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page (see screen shot #1 below).  Other helpful tips on site layout and for searching can be found on screen shots #2-5. Screen shot #1 Arrows at upper right show the search box and link to Research Interface. Lower left indicates user sign in (required only for restricted collections). Screen shot #2 Research Interface home page.  Green arrow > large search box; Pink arrow > Sign in (required only for restricted collections); Orange arrow > Help for more advanced search syntax; Yellow box > indicates links to sub-collections Screen shot #3 Research Interface showing a record of an photograph of a coffer fragment (paste “BW 1978 005 15a” into the search box including the quotation marks or click this link). Yellow box > Links and related links to other records such as notebooks and artifact information. Orange box > links to rotate images Screen shot #4 Research Interface displaying a coin record. (For another example paste name:“Coin 1932 470” into the search box or click this link) Yellow box > links and related links at left. Orange box > related image thumbnails Screen shot #5 Research Interface displaying thumbnails in icon view or click this link for a similar view. Yellow box > links to a subcollection. Orange box > changes the view to list, icons, or table Green box > plots records on a plan or in Google Map Blue box > sets the number of records per page