Corinth Excavations 2011 season begins
Mark Hammond, Reema Habib, and Katie Lamberto in the field.
On April 4, the 2011 excavation season began in Ancient Corinth in the theater.  Regular members, Evelyn Adkins, Emilia Oddo, Reema Habib, Katie Lamberto, Andriy Fomin, and Tristan Barnes are participating in training led for eight weeks of the season by Charles K. Williams.  Nancy Bookidis (assistant director), Orestes Zervos (numismatics), David Scahill (architecture), Mark Hammond (field assistant), and Kathleen Slane (Roman pottery) are offering assistance.  Two more regular members, Bice Peuzzi and Amanda Reiterman, are working in the museum with Assistant director, Ioulia Tzonou-Herbst.