Scholar Season in Corinth
Temple of Apollo at Corinth
Scholar season in Ancient Corinth is that time each year, after the excavation has finished and the  village panagyri celebrations have passed, when the Corinth Museum fills with students and professors working on material collected from ASCSA excavations since 1896.  This year we have the museum and hostel at capacity.  Study for the final publications of  the Gymnasium and the Fountain if the Lamps are back in full swing as it has been the last several summers.  Jim Wiseman is directing the efforts of Melisa Morison (Pottery), Mary Sturgeon (Sculpture), and Karen Garnett (Lamps), with his wife Lucy helping in many ways.  Likewise the excavations from the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore are pushing toward final publications from Michael Ierardi (Numismatics), Susan Landon (Figurines), and Sonia Klinger (Minor Objects).  Nancy Bookidis is of course leading this work.  Also, Guy Sanders, Heather Graybehl, and Mark Hammond are initiating a clay prospection project.  We also have in residence Angela Ziskowski (sea and land routes to Perachora), Kathleen Slane (Roman Pottery), Sarah James (Hellenistic Pottery), Mark Hammond (Roman Pottery from Panayia Field), Aileen Ajootian (Captives' Facade and Odeion Sculpture), Lindsay Mazurek (Serapis Sculpture), Jeannie Marchand (Dorati), and volunteers, Heather Graybehl (shelving inventories) and Colin Wallace (IT and photogrammetry).  Later in July we expect, Charles Williams (Theater excavations), Marty Wells (Frankish Pottery), Alexis Bellis, Isabelle Pafford (Thesauroi), Kostis Korelis (architectural representation).  Steve Ellis' and Tim Gregory's East Isthmia Archaeology Project will also continue study in Late July and August while using our hostel facilities.  The people and these projects are certain to create interesting discussions around the ouzo table.