Videocast: Björn Forsén (University of Helsinki). “Sanctuary of Secrets”

Bjorn Forsen, Senior Lecturer at the University of Helsinki and former director of the Finnish Institute at Athens, presents in this lecture, impressive results, entirely unexpected, from his excavations in central Arcadia.  These discoveries have striking implications for our understanding of the ancient geography of Arcadia and remind us once again how much of Antiquity remains to be found still hidden in the landscape of Greece. Once again, careful research has repaid efforts by yielding the foundations of buildings belonging to an entirely unknown sanctuary: Hellenistic in the main but with antecedents in the Archaic period, as early as the 2nd half of the 6th century. Stamped tiles point to Artemis Lykoatis and Despoina as the divinities to whom the sanctuary was dedicated.

The School would like to thank the Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation for their generous support, and also Barry J. Jacobson for support of the Director’s series.

Running time: 50 min