The Gennadeion Work-in-Progress Seminar, started in 2006-7, offers scholars who make extensive use of the GL a forum in which to present their research. Given the disparate fields, disciplines and periods on which Gennadius scholars focus, this seminar has proven an invaluable way to learn about current research and trends in the field. The following seminars were held in 2007-8:
Yura Konstantinova spoke on “The Role and the Position of Stefanos Dragoumis in the Balkan Political Elite” (November 29, 2007);
Nanako Sawayanagi presented her findings on “The Team of the Japanese and the Greek Politics in 1906 – 1908” (January 17, 2008);
Bogdan – Petru Maleon spoke on “Mutilation in Byzantine Fight for Power” (March 13, 2008);
Rhys Carpenter Faculty Fellow in Classical Studies, William Rodney Caraher presented “Some New Readings of the Early Christian Architecture of Greece” (March 20, 2008); and
Marianna Christopoulou spoke on “Joannes Gennadius and the ethnographic map of Edward Stanford” (May 29, 2008).