American School 139th Annual Report

This report illustrates how the 2021-2022 academic year marked a historic period of rebirth for the School, emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic as robust and accomplished as ever.

Among the many highlights that were celebrated are the renovation and dedication of Loring Hall and McCredie House, and the launch of the Thalia Potamianos Lecture Series. Edward E. Cohen received the Athens Prize at the School’s annual Gala for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of knowledge of ancient Greece.

Another milestone was the retirement of John Camp, who was honored for his 57 years of dedicated service to the School’s excavations at the Athenian Agora. Summer Programs also returned in full swing, introducing diverse students to significant archaeological sites and museums along with aspects of archaeological science.

Remarking on the report, George T. Orfanakos, Executive Director of the School, stated, “The School was able to open its doors in Athens to graduate students, fellows, other scholars from across North America, and visiting researchers from Greece and the rest of Europe. We are now on course to continue preserving, protecting, and promoting Greece’s ancient cultural gifts to the world via our myriad events, programs, and extensive research. The technology we harnessed during the pandemic certainly has provided additional opportunities for us to share the School’s mission and engage with a wider global audience.”

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