Will you be attending the 2020 AIA/SCS Annual Meeting?

We at the American School are proud to announce a list of our current members and staff presenting papers, leading workshops and hosting seminars at the conference. The 2020 meeting is a special year for us as a record number of staff will speak about their research!

American School Student Members

Evan I. Levine
Brown University Petra Terraces Archaeological Project: 2019 Methods and Results

Gavin P. Blasdel
The Specter of Nemrut Dağı and the Philopappos Monument in its Local Athenian Context

Rebecca Levitan
Workshop Panelist
Provenance Research in Museum Collections: Display, Education, and Publication

Jane Millar
New Excavations at the Punic-Roman city of Tharros, Sardinia

Anne M. Duray
Topography and Material Culture in Fifth-Century Drama

Flint Dibble
The University of Texas Histria Multiscalar Archaeological Project (UT-HMAP): Preliminary Results of the First Two Seasons

Samuel Holzman
The Archaic Ionic Temple in Roman Thessaloniki: A Rebuilt Ruin?

Melanie Godsey
Ptolemaic Imperialism in Southern Greece

Justin A. Mann
Sacredness Beyond the Katholikon: Middle Byzantine Monastic Landscapes of Central Greece

Konstantinos Karathanasis
A Game of Timber Monopoly: Atheno-Macedonian Relations on the Eve of the Peloponnesian War

Evan Vance
Redistribution, Public Wealth, and the Cretan Andreion

American School Staff

John McK. Camp II
Excavations in the Athenian. Agora

Jenifer Neils
Kekrops or Erechtheus? Re-reading the West Pediment of the Parthenon

Ioulia Tzonou
Cyclopean Walls on Acrocorinth: Mycenaean Presence or Not?

Christopher Pfaff
Corinth Excavations: Northeast of Theater 2019

Natalia Vogeikoff
From ‘Warriors for the Fatherland’ to ‘Dollies and Doilies’: Embedding Historiography in the Study of American Archaeology in Greece

Panagiotis Karkanas
It All Starts in the Field: How to Improve the Excavation of Human Remains in Mycenaean Mortuary Contexts and Why it Matters

Eric Wesley Driscoll
"A Single, Easily Managed Household": Antiquity and the Peloponnese in Late Byzantium

Notable Highlights

ASCSA Alumni/ae Meeting 

8-10 pm

Arestia Award will be presented to Susan Rotroff

AIA Session 6A

Gold Medal Colloquium Diachronicity: Celebrating the Career of Jack L. Davis

ASCSA Publications

Don’t forget to stop by the Exhibit Hall (the Marquis Ballroom) to see the latest School publications and speak to the Publications staff! The Exhibit Hall will be open throughout the conference.

For further conference information:


JANUARY 2–5, 2020

Marriott Marquis Washington D.C.
901 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC, DC 20001

Program information:

Society for Classical Studies

Archaeological Institute of America