At just about the time the Blegen Library’s print collection reached the 100,000 volume mark, the available shelf space for the collection had declined to 0.  Without being able to add on to the building again, we had to find another solution to the space problem.  In April 2012, compact shelving was installed in the second basement of the New Extension (now more than 20 years old) and the library staff began to plan the reorganization of the collection. That project was finally completed in January 2013. First, journal volumes dating from before 1975 were relocated to the new shelving units.  While that freed up space on the second and third floors of the New Extension for approximately 15,000 volumes, the most severe space problem was on the first floor of the Davis Wing on the opposite side of the building.  It was also important to ensure that we left space for growth throughout the collection based on probable future acquisitions.  Thus, it became clear that we would need to shift the entire collection and to do so in a way that would obviate the need for another major shift for the next 8 to 10 years. We had some help from volunteers, drawn from the ranks of the School’s own members as well as from the College Year in Athens study abroad program.  However, the librarians themselves physically shifted the bulk of the collection and also worked alongside the volunteers.  Since we were so directly involved, we were able to make sure that all the books were in the correct order, locate missing books, identify books needing repair, and closely adhere to the plans for where room for growth of the collection was needed.   In addition to moving all those books, we have updated the library floor plans and the signs indicating where call number ranges are located and have replaced the old signs throughout the library building.  We also changed the flow of the collection in the corridor of the Main Reading Room so that it makes more sense. Many thanks to everyone who was involved with this project and to all the Blegen Library users who patiently endured the constant moving of books over these many months! View the reorganization here.