Clayton Lehmann, Professor of History at the University of South Dakota, is leading one of the School's two Summer Seminars this year, titled "Greece From the Sea." Traveling by sailboats around the coasts of the Peloponnese and Attica, the students are approaching the sites like ancient seafarers. In addition to introducing the group to the School's archival collections, Research Archivist Leda Costaki had prepared a presentation on the Nobel-prize laureate and so-called "poet of the Aegean" Odysseus Elytis, whose poem "Of the Aegean" is included in the students' reading list. Also, per Clayton's request, the presentation included a recitation of George Seferis's emblematic poem "The King of Asine," since the citadel of Asine is one of the stops on the Seminar's itinerary. The group thoroughly enjoyed its time in the Archives to judge from the amount of questions we received.