On Friday, November 1, 2019, the Hellenic University Club (HUC) of Wilmington hosted “Conversations with the American School” at the historic Hagley Museum and Library in Delaware. Originally the site of the gunpowder works founded by E. I. du Pont in 1802, Hagley is now a museum set on 235 acres of land that tell the history of American business, technology, and innovation, and its impact on the world.

Nearly 200 guests, many of whom were not previously familiar with the history and mission of the American School, attended the event and left inspired. Dr. Michael Kirifides, President of the HUC, began the evening program and offered a warm welcome to the special guest speakers from the American School. George Orfanakos, Executive Director of the School, gave a brief overview of the American School and then introduced guest speaker Professor John Camp. Camp is Director of the American School’s Excavations at the Athenian Agora, and one of the world’s best-known archaeologists. His presentation highlighting recent discoveries unearthed in the ancient Agora near the Stoa Poikile (Painted Stoa) captivated the crowd.

The event was organized by Soula Mistras and past HUC president Helen Kirifides. Mistras shared, “Having visited the American School for the first time this past summer, it was amazing to me that I had never heard about this remarkable institution.” She continued, “Since then, I have come to deeply appreciate the treasures they hold, the work they do, and their passion and love for Greece’s past. It was an honor for us to host this event, and to share the School’s story. I encourage others to support this institution that preserves our cultural heritage.”

The Hellenic University Club, which has flourished for over 50 years, is a nonprofit organization bound together by a love of all things Greek, from ancient to modern, and by a love of learning. Approximately 150 members of Greek descent from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania make up its membership.

Held in select cities throughout the United States, “Conversations with the American School” feature top scholars who present topics and themes that are at the heart of the School’s mission. If you are interested in hosting an event in your area, please contact Nancy Savaides at 609-454-6810 or nsavaides@ascsa.org.