This page attempts to provide Members with updated information about COVID-19 related measures, both in Greece and at the School. Inevitably, the situation is constantly evolving, so Members should seek out updates online and contact the appropriate staff of the School with any questions.


Overview of Covid measures in Greece   

No quarantine period is currently required to enter Greece. Additionally, individuals with a digital EU vaccination certificate are no longer required to show a recent negative test result. The testing requirement has also been abandoned for travellers from the United States and Canada, provided that they have a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery. This measure is temporary but will probably be extended. From March 15, individuals entering Greece no longer have to submit a Passenger Locator Form (the form is now otpional and can still be found at Finally, the Greek government strongly recommends that travelers entering the country self-test at the end of the second and fourth day after travel. Please contact the Assistant Director Simone Agrimonti if you require advice on the legalities of traveling to Greece at the moment, after first consulting the Athens International Airport's useful FAQ and for the latest available information.

According to governmental regulations, the use of masks is mandatory on means of public transportation (metro, buses) and hospitals and medical facilities. Masks are recommended in indoor public spaces.


These are the official guidelines of the Greek government for those who are ill or were in contact with a confirmed case.

A) People with Sars-Cov-2 infection:

• Stay in isolation for at least 5 days after your positive test result and avoid contact with other people. If there are no symptoms or if symptoms (predominantly fever) diminish after 5 days, end the isolation. If the fever persists without other symptoms, maintain isolation.

• After the end of the isolation period, it is mandatory to use a high respiratory protection mask (N95 or KN95 or FFP2) or to double mask for at least another 5 days.

B) People who came in contact with a confirmed case:

- B1: For people who have been fully vaccinated (including booster) or people vaccinated with 2 doses in the last 6 months or with one dose of J&J vaccine in the last 2 months:

Use a mask of high respiratory protection (N95 or KN95 or FFP2) or double mask for 10 days and perform laboratory test (PCR or Rapid Antigen Test) on the 5th day from exposure.

- B2: For people vaccinated with 2 doses over 6 months without booster dose or with a single dose of J&J vaccine over 2 months without booster dose or unvaccinated:

Stay at home for 5 days after exposure and avoid contact with other people. On the 5th day perform a laboratory test (PCR or Rapid Antigen Test). After the 5th day, use a mask of high respiratory protection (N95 or KN95 or FFP2) or double mask for at least another 5 days.

In case of symptoms or a positive laboratory test, the instructions for category A apply.


ASCSA COVID-19 Measures and Policies

The ASCSA and all its facilities are now open for members; visitors can only visit by appointment. All ASCSA members and visitors must be fully vaccinated.

            Members are required to follow the government’s directives and public health recommendations, in particular the new guidelines on self-isolation (see above). Masks are strongly recommended in all indoor facilities of the School, including the library stacks and Loring Hall. Members should continue to observe social distancing regulations, and avoid crowding at tables during lunch even outside. The School distributed bottles of hand sanitizer through the facilities; members should routinely wash and disinfect their hands while in the facilities. All members are strongly encouraged to take COVID self-tests routinely (e.g., on a weekly basis). These tests are available for 3-6 euros at any pharmacy.

            If any member should test positive for COVID, they should immediately alert the Assistant Director by email, and contact Dr. Nick Michalopoulos (6945582274) for further instructions.

(Last updated 3 June 2022)