Hesperia Partners with Project MUSE

We are pleased to announce a new journal-hosting partnership between Hesperia and Project MUSE! As of March 1st, current issues of Hesperia will be hosted on Project MUSE. MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social science content, and it currently hosts over 700 scholarly journals from many of the world’s leading universities and scholarly societies. Moreover, MUSE is a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is well aligned with ours. MUSE will provide all of the hosting services that JSTOR provided previously, with the added benefit that articles from issue 91.1 onward will be available in both PDF and HTML formats. The reflowable HTML format will improve the accessibility of our content and make it easier to read on smaller screen sizes. Finally, MUSE (like JSTOR) supports Open Access, and they will allow us to make any portion of our content freely available.

To provide a seamless user experience for our institutional subscribers, we have migrated to MUSE all issues of Hesperia from 2002 to the present—the portion of the journal’s content that current subscribers have access to now. For individual subscribers, we will work with MUSE and JSTOR to ensure that you will continue to have access to the full run of the journal, as well as to volumes in the Agora, Corinth, and Hesperia Supplement series. Hesperia will remain on JSTOR as part of their Arts and Sciences II collection, with all but the most recent three years accessible to subscribers.

If you have questions about the new hosting platform or are having difficulty accessing the online version of the journal, please contact hesperia@ascsa.org.