More Schliemann Aficionados at the Gennadius Library
Mrs. and Mr. Navarro Baldeweg with Carmen Serrano de Haro
One of Spain's most famous architects (and painter) Juan Navarro Baldeweg and his wife visited the Gennadius Library last week with one wish: to see Heinrich Schliemann's notebooks. They had heard so much about Schliemann from their good friend Carmen Serrano de Haro, architect of the Spanish Ministry of Public Treasury and wife of Alfonso Lucini Mateo, Ambassador of Spain to Athens. Baldeweg, professor emeritus at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid and member of the Royal Academy of Beaux Arts of San Fernando, is also the architect of the new building of Bibliotheca Hertziana (Max Planck Institute for Art History) in Rome. Mrs. and Mr. Navarro Baldeweg are devoted friends of Greece and frequent visitors since 1968. They were on their way to the island of Aegina, and they will be back in Greece in two months because Juan Navarro Baldeweg has been invited to deliver a lecture at the Megaron Mousikis on November 5th.