In 1933, a Chinese student by the name Mao-Te Lo was admitted to the American School to attend its year-long program. He went on to become a famous translator of ancient Greek drama and comedy in China. Luo Niansheng (1904-1990), as he is now known in China, would return to Greece and the School in the 1980s, when his son, Luo Jinlin, staged Oedipus King at Delphi. In 2018, Jinlin and his daughter, Luo Tong (Lo's granddaughter), directed the first production of an ancient Greek com­edy in Beijing. The production of The Birds was based on Luo Niansheng’s translation of 1954.

Read more about Mr. Lo's Greek experience here: "Mr. Lo: The First Chinese Student at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1933"