Professor Curtis Runnels recently donated several issues of three rare Greek newspapers, dated 1825-1834, to the Gennadius Library.

The first is The Friend of the Law: Newspaper of the Administration and of the island of Hydra.

The newspaper ran for three years (March 10, 1824 - May 27, 1827) on the island of Hydra and was published by Joseph Kiappe. It printed decisions, resolutions, acts and circulars of the Administration and remained the main publication of the Administration until October 1825.



It was followed by the publication of the General Gazette of Greece which was printed in Nafplion. The journal was the official publication of the Administration and ran from October 7, 1825 to March 23, 1832. It covered the needs of the Government for seven years and was succeeded by the Ephemeris (or Newspaper) of the Government.

The third newspaper that reached the Gennadius recently is The Savior: Political, Philological and Commercial Periodical. It was published first in Nafplion and then in Athens from 1834 to 1838.