New Publication: <em>On the Edge of a Roman Port</em>

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens is pleased to announce the publication of On the Edge of a Roman Port: Excavations at Koutsongila, Kenchreai, 2007–2014 (Hesperia Suppl. 52), edited by Elena Korka and Joseph L. Rife.

Between 2007 and 2014, a Greek-American team investigated an impressive array of Early Roman to Early Byzantine buildings and burials on the Koutsongila Ridge at Kenchreai, the eastern port of ancient Corinth. This volume presents the project’s final results, revealing abundant evidence not only for the history of activity in a transitional urban/suburban landscape, but also for the society, economy, and religion of local residents. Important structural and mortuary discoveries abound, including a district of lavish houses with exquisite mosaic pavement and an Early Christian Octagon. The large artifactual assemblage encompasses a variety of objects from pottery and lamps to glass, coins, and jewelry. Bones and teeth from over 200 individuals illustrate differences in health over time, while thousands of bones and shells from a variety of animals attest to diet and subsistence. This study paints a picture of a Corinthian community, small but prosperous and well connected, actively participating in an urban elite culture expressed through decorative art and monumental architecture.

Part 1

Chapter 1. Life and Death on the Edge of Roman Kenchreai, by Elena Korka and Joseph L. Rife
Chapter 2. Exploring Koutsongila, by Joseph L. Rife and Elena Korka
Chapter 3. Topography, Stratigraphy, and History, by Joseph L. Rife
Chapter 4. Architecture and Activity, by Joseph L. Rife and Dimitra Andrikou
Chapter 5. Mosaic Floors, by Ariadni Klonizaki and Joseph L. Rife
Chapter 6. The Well in Room B3-I, by Dimitrios Hadjiangellou and Joseph Stumpf
Chapter 7. Ritual, Space, and Society in the Early to Middle Roman Cemetery, by Joseph L. Rife
Chapter 8. Mortuary Practices in the Late Roman to Early Byzantine Cemetery, by Elena Korka and Paraskevi Evaggeloglou
Chapter 9. Catalogue of Burials, by Joseph L. Rife
Chapter 10. Conserving the Walls of the Roman Chamber Tombs, by Nikolaos Minos and Evangelia Ananiadou
Chapter 11. Humans, by Douglas H. Ubelaker
Chapter 12. Animals, by David S. Reese and Joseph L. Rife
Chapter 13. Plants, by China P. Shelton
Chapter 14. Prosperity, Connectivity, and Adaptability on the Edge of Roman Kenchreai, by Elena Korka and Joseph L. Rife

Part 2
Chapter 15. Conserving the Artifacts, by Elena Korka and Argiro Tsigri
Chapter 16. Greek Pottery, by Jorge J. Bravo III
Chapter 17. Roman and Late Antique Pottery, by Melissa Morison and Joseph L. Rife
Chapter 18. Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Pottery, by Timothy E. Gregory
Chapter 19. Lamps, by Joseph L. Rife
Chapter 20. Glass, by Metaxia Papageorgiou, Joseph L. Rife, and Phyllis Graham
Chapter 21. A Blue-Glass Amulet with Aphrodite, Osiris, and Jahweh, by Christopher A. Faraone
Chapter 22. Metal, by Georgios Panelas
Chapter 23. Coins and Coin-Like Objects, by Robert Weir
Chapter 24. Building Materials, by Joseph L. Rife and Dimitra Andrikou
Chapter 25. Inscriptions, by Joseph L. Rife
Chapter 26. Flaked- and Ground-Stone Tools, by P. Nick Kardulias
Chapter 27. Figurines and Figural Sculpture, by Nikolaos Linardatos
Chapter 28. Miscellaneous Finds of Ancient to Modern Date, by Phyllis Graham and David S. Reese
Chapter 29. The Koutsongila Ridge and Trade in the Roman to Early Byzantine Mediterranean, by Elena Korka and Elli Tzavella
Appendix 1. Personnel of the Greek-American Excavations

Hesperia Supplement 52
1376 pp, 672 b/w figs, 61 color figs, 49 tables, 3 foldouts
3 digital supplements
Paper, 8.5" x 11"

On the Edge of a Roman Port: Excavations at Koutsongila, Kenchreai, 2007–2014 (Hesperia Suppl. 52) can be ordered from our distribution partners: Casemate Academic (in the United States) or Oxbow Books (outside of the United States).